Chris Cole
Chris Cole

Chris Cole

  • 37
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • March 10, 1982
  • Cobra

In any conversation about the most influential street skaters of all time, Chris Cole’s name will certainly come up. Cole’s incredibly successful run as a competitive skater began in his preteen years. An elite young talent, he frequently dominated these early contests and the skating world took notice. Through these early successes, he landed premium sponsorships before he could legally drive a car.

Both in competition and skating for videos, Cole amassed a staggering number of trophies, medals, cash prizes, and awards. Among them are four X Games gold medals, two honors from Thrasher Magazine for Skater of the Year, and three victories at Thrasher’s King of the Road competition with Team Zero.

Today, Cole still ranks among the top professionals in skateboarding, continuing to receive sponsorships from top skating and non-skating brands. He also frequently hosts videos for The Berrics Skate Park and Stomp Sessions.

Between his passion for the sport and dedication to strong partnerships, he’s widely seen as one of the truly great ambassadors for skateboarding culture.

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