Corey Duffel
Corey Duffel

Corey Duffel

  • 35
  • Walnut Creek, CA
  • April 11, 1984

A Walnut Creek, California native, Corey Duffel started skateboarding at the age of 10. By age 18, he was skating professionally. Duffel is known for his fast-paced style and for performing tricks on big obstacles with wallrides, rail grinds, and stairs.

Duffel can often be seen walking the streets in his distinctive 1970s punk-style clothing. He is a driven, passionate competitor who is curious about almost everything. Duffel has had a long series of career-threatening injuries, but has recently been back at top form.

Duffel says he’s stopped caring what anyone thinks of him and tried recently to stop thinking of skateboarding as a job to recapture the joy of when it was just a hobby. Duffel says, “I’m going to be true to myself and be me again, a 100-percent skate rat who isn’t ashamed to be an aging weirdo.” Well said, Duffel, well said.

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