Jamie O’Brien
Jamie O’Brien

Jamie O’Brien

Pro Surfer
  • 36
  • Kahuku, Hawaii
  • June 9, 1983
  • JOB

Born in Hawaii, Jamie O’Brien’s father was a lifeguard on Oahu’s famous North Shore. O’Brien essentially grew up in the Banzai Pipeline, one of the most challenging and dangerous big wave locations on Earth. He spent his youth among the most experienced amateur and professional surfers on the scene.

O’Brien’s biggest moment in competition occurred at 21 years of age when he won the 2004 Billabong Pipeline Masters Championship – the final event in the World Surfing League’s Triple Crown. That same year he released Freak Show, a groundbreaking surf video produced in association with Rip Curl.

Freak Show and its followup Freak Side laid the foundation for what O’Brien’s career would become. Leaving the competition world behind, he focused his efforts on creating a new professional genre known as “freesurfing” – a combination of surfing "without rules" and multimedia production.

His next production, Who is JOB, released in 2010. Though slickly produced, the film presents a raw, uncharacteristically intimate look at his life. Interspersed among brilliant, on-location surfing footage, interviews with O’Brien, his father, and other surfers provide context to his swaggering image.

The film was later adapted into a successful series in partnership with Red Bull TV. The show follows O’Brien to exotic locations across the globe showcasing surfing, stunts, and good times with friends.

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