Keith Richardson
Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson

MMA Fighter
  • 35
  • Long Island, New York
  • November 29, 1983
  • The Rockstar

Keith Richardson’s fighting career started in high school, where he was a successful competitive wrestler. After high school, Richardson joined the Marine Corps, where he bravely served for several years before retiring with a warrior’s mentality and the drive to keep fighting.

That mentality and drive led Richardson to MMA. As a professional MMA fighter, his military background makes him mentally unshakeable, and his self-described “true war” fighting style has brought him success in the ring and made him a nightmare for opponents.

In addition to competing, Richardson is Co-Owner of Modern Warrior MMA, a mixed martial arts school in Rock Hill, SC. The school offers lessons to both kids and adults on a variety of styles from Jiu Jitsu to Muay Thai to wrestling. His expertise in the ring and his experience as a marine means learning from Keith “The Rockstar” Richardson is the perfect way to sharpen your skills both physically and mentally.

Keith Richardson

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Keith Richardson
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