Kurtis Downs
Kurtis Downs

Kurtis Downs

BMX Rider
  • 27
  • Firth, Idaho
  • March 25, 1992
  • N/A

At only 27-years-old, Kurtis Downs is a world-class BMX athlete who earned Big Air bronze at his first-ever X Games in 2017. Growing up in Firth, Idaho, Downs was constantly riding dirt bikes as a kid and picked up his first BMX bike after graduating high school in 2010.

By 2013, he was riding professionally for Nitro Circus and has been with them ever since. In 2016 he placed 2nd in the Nitro Circus World Games’ BMX Biggest Air and recently won the 2018 Giganta Best Trick competition by landing the first-ever BMX dead body backflip.

Downs’ favorite foods are Chipotle, pasta, and burgers, and in his spare he time loves riding Moto and camping.

Kurtis Downs

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Kurtis Downs
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