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mike plumb

Mike “Lizard King” Plumb

Pro Skateboarder
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • October 18, 1983
  • Lizard King


Mike Plumb, best known as “Lizard King” among skaters and fans, began his path to the upper echelons of street skating in his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. And while the city isn’t known to outsiders as a hotspot for the sport, those in the know describe buttery spots and skate parks that serve the scene well.

Born to a former pro motocross racer, it’s not surprising that Plumb started out in BMX. However, a young Lizard was inspired to skate by his older brothers and discovered his true calling in action sports. He would compete in local competitions, but the street was where his wheels got the most traction.

He made his way to Southern California in 2004, becoming part of Orange County’s Hell Rose scene. He was quickly recognized for his style, which even SoCal’s street veterans described as “insane.” After landing a couple of early sponsors, he soon signed on to Deathwish’s fledgling team, a relationship that would change his life.

His skating, which has been described as “tightly controlled but savagely strong,” was synonymous with the brand for over a decade, and he fronted Team Deathwish for Thrasher’s “King of the Road” competition.

Today, he remains one of the most relevant and passionate pros in skateboarding.

mike plumb
mike plumb

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mike plumb



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