Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

  • 25
  • Perth, Australia
  • June 22, 1994
  • R-Willy

Born and raised on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Ryan “R-Willy” Williams had a passion for action sports from a young age. Growing up, he had dreams of one day becoming a fighter pilot or an astronaut – because he wanted to push the limits of what is possible. Since as long as he can remember, Williams has been going to the skatepark. Originally on rollerblades when he could first walk, Williams found his calling at just 12-years-old when he started riding scooters for hours every day, perfecting his skills and raising the bar on what he thought was possible.

At 15, Williams decided to start honing his skills on a BMX bike. After an online video of him went viral, he received an invitation from Nitro Circus to show the Crew his skills. His talent was undeniable, and despite having to overcome the stigma that comes with riding a scooter, Travis Pastrana and the rest of the Nitro Circus family were beyond impressed. Now part of the Nitro Circus family, Williams is one of the most versatile and exciting athletes in action sports. With countless World’s First tricks tied to his name (such as the first triple backflip on a scooter and the first triple front flip on BMX), Williams has amassed quite a fanbase (including 1.4 million followers on Instagram).

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