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tony sentmanat

Tony Sentmanat

Founder of RealWorld Tactical Training Center
  • Miami, FL
  • January 13, 1980


  • Officer of the Year: Miami-Dade Police Dept., SWAT
  • Crime Suppression Officer of the Year: Miami-Dade Police Dept., SWAT

Tony Sentmanat is the founder and Director of Operations at Realworld Tactical. His daily work revolves around teaching others how to engage the most difficult situations in ways that give them the best chance to survive – a skill set learned through extensive experience in military and law enforcement settings.

Sentmanat’s career began in earnest when he joined the United States Marine Corps immediately after high school. After his military service, he started a new path – as a state correctional officer.

He then began a long career in law enforcement – most notably with the Miami-Dade Police Department. During this time, he worked on a range of high-profile cases in collaboration with federal agencies and participated in over 800 SWAT operations. He also earned numerous citations, including multiple Officer of the Month and Officer of the Quarter awards.

Alongside his Realworld Tactical responsibilities, Sentmanat is also an accomplished strength trainer, powerlifter, and mixed martial arts instructor.

tony sentmanat
tony sentmanat

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tony sentmanat


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