5 Benefits of Using CBD Moisturizers

5 Benefits of Using CBD Moisturizers


CBD skincare products are creating quite the excitement in the skincare industry. We know all the great benefits we get from using CBD tinctures or gummies – but these go into our bodies. What about all those CBD moisturizers the lady at that fancy counter is telling you all about? Or the CBD cream your Aunt Marge won’t stop raving about? You’ve been hearing those athlete commercials, too, about CBD creams, but it looks like elbow and knee stuff...and now there are face ones too? It can get really confusing.


What should you buy? Well, if you are here, you likely want to know before you go into a store and face a pushy salesperson. It depends on what you need for your body and skin. Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Today, we’re clearing the air about CBD moisturizers.


We’ll discuss the difference between CBD specialized topicals for your skin and CBD moisturizers, which are two very different things, so you can know what types of products you really need. Then, we can talk about what CBD moisturizers, in particular, do for your skin. We’ll detail five specific reasons CBD moisturizers may benefit your skin and how to pick and use the best ones for your skin.


Difference Between CBD Topical and CBD Moisturizer


Difference Between a CBD Specialized Topical and a CBD Moisturizer


Before we get into the best CBD skincare moisturizers, we need to clarify the difference between your Aunt Marge’s favorite CBD cream that’s putting a pep back in her step and the moisturizers you want for your face. While Aunt Marge may be onto something, her favorite CBD cream is quite different from a moisturizer in some key ways. You need to know the difference before you go shopping.


cbdMD Reliveve


What is a CBD Topical Product?


A topical CBD product is any product infused with CBD that is applied on the outside of the skin. There are some with specialized purposes, including as a moisturizer.


Some CBD topicals are made with pain medicines, such as menthol or lidocaine, which allows users to target the area of need via a CBD cream or CBD lotion. People from all walks of life, from athletes to Aunt Marge, find this improves their daily quality of life by providing relief when and where they need it.


While relief-targeted topical products can greatly benefit your active lifestyle and may also be moisturizing to your skin, they are designed with a different application in mind. For example, the weight, texture, and spreadability of a product you would use as a daily moisturizer may be very different from a cream you want to slather on one problem area.


A CBD moisturizer is a CBD topical, but one that is designed to moisturize various parts of your body like your face, body, legs, hands, feet, lips, or eye area with carefully selected ingredients, botanicals, and yes, CBD. We’ll go into this in more depth later and explain what types of CBD moisturizers there are and what they are designed to do for your skin.


cbdMD Moisturizer


Benefits of Using a CBD Moisturizer


There are many different types of facial and body moisturizers, but what makes the CBD moisturizers any better for your skin? Well, there are many benefits of CBD in skin care and your overall health, but what CBD does for the skin is rather unique. CBD provides calming support for your skin, is richly moisturizing, and also helps to maintain your skin's natural balance.


1. CBD Supports Skin Moisturization

When it comes to a good moisturizer, ingredients are key. You have the base, which can be a carrier oil, cream, or lotion, along with supportive care ingredients. CBD has a natural soothing effect on the skin, which fits perfectly into a moisturizing product as a supporting ingredient. Discovering the soothing effects of topical creams and oils that hit the market first has certainly launched CBD into the forefront of botanical and beauty skincare lines, including the cbdMD Botanicals line we have here at cbdMD.


2. CBD Is Gentle Enough for All Skin Types

CBD also doesn’t agitate oil production, making it a good choice for all skin types, including those that have difficulty balancing sebum production on the skin. CBD is also gentle and well-received by many skin types, making it a prime candidate for skin care that pampers your skin without doing harm.


3. CBD Moisturizers Take Advantage of Your Skin’s Natural Composition

Your body is designed with an endocannabinoid system that receives this CBD and “processes” it for your body. Some of these receptors are in the layers of your skin, meaning there’s already a natural process built into your skin that allows CBD to work. Using the technology and biological understanding that brought your Aunt Marge her favorite go-to cream has shown us that there’s so much more we can get from CBD using the natural functional capabilities of your skin. The result is pampering, calming care for your skin in a variety of luxurious yet affordable skincare options.


4. CBD Moisturizers Are Soothing for Skin

Speaking of soothing, CBD soothes more than a rough day at work (thank you, tinctures and gummies!) but is now available for soothing your skin from your face all the way down to your toes in a variety of CBD moisturizing products. (We’ve even been putting it into luxurious bath bombs for even more soothing care.) What the tinctures and gummies do from the inside out, the CBD moisturizers and CBD skincare products do for your skin. In short, it makes your skin feel really good!


5. CBD Helps to Balance Your Skin 

The endocannabinoid system helps to establish and maintain homeostasis, an important quality of healthy skin. Your skin’s homeostasis, or natural balance, includes a protective function, regulation of temperature, moisture balance, absorption of materials and nutrients, and synthesis of essential vitamins. Because CBD is so easily absorbed and used by the skin, the natural balancing properties are adapted by your skin to keep it balanced and nourished. The result is a glowing radiance that comes from healthy and well-balanced skin.


What Types of CBD Moisturizers Are Available?


The best CBD skincare product lines provide a variety of CBD skincare benefits through a selection of products, including moisturizers for various parts of your body. The variety of products helps you to select the right ones for your skin’s needs. Here are some of the types of CBD moisturizers available to you and what they do for your skin.

These CBD moisturizers are made with Superior Broad Spectrum CBD and nourishing botanicals. And they are cruelty-free!


cbdMD Adore Me


CBD Face Cream


CBD skincare lines will often include a CBD cream for daily use and perhaps a second one for nightly use. The cbdMD CBD Botanicals line provides two CBD creams:


  • Renewal CBD Night Cream: Because your skin needs extra moisture at night to support its natural restorative and healing activities at night, the CBD Night Cream is an excellent choice for nightly use. The CBD Night Cream is a CBD face cream, but you can use it on other areas of your body if you choose, like your decolletage, which is the cleavage, upper chest, and neck area. Renewal Night Cream is designed to prevent early signs of aging. Smooth it onto clean skin before you go to bed at night and allow the cream to soothe your skin while you sleep


cbdMD Adore Me


  • Adore Me CBD Eye and Lip Cream: The eye and lip area also require a more cream-based delivery system, hence this special formula. Adore Me CBD eye and lip cream provides replenishment for all skin types. Smooth it onto your lips or pat gently onto the eye area before you go to sleep at night for nourishing overnight care for your under eyes, outer eye area, and lips.


cbdMD Facial Oil


CBD Face Oil


Some people prefer the smooth experience of a facial oil. Even for those whose skin produces excess oil, a CBD face oil helps to soothe without creating further sebum issues in the skin. A rule of thumb here is that the skin produces excess sebum when it thinks it needs it due to over-stripping and excessive drying of the skin from other beauty products or cleansers. Adding oil will actually trick the skin into thinking it needs to produce less. 


  • Fab Facial Oil CBD Facial Oil: This CBD face oil is designed to leave a matte finish, so it works perfectly for both overnight or daily use that won’t interfere with makeup application or staying power. Radiant skin made easy! Apply to fresh, clean skin for both your morning and nightly skincare routines.

cbdMD Facial Lotion


CBD Face Lotion


A CBD skincare line would not be complete without a lightweight CBD face lotion. These are perfect for everyday use for balanced, moisture-rich skin.


  • Heavenly Hydration CBD Facial Lotion: Lightweight, non-greasy, and filled with skin-brightening botanicals, this is the perfect daily moisturizer for any skin type. Smooth onto a clean face for your morning skincare routine.


cbdMD Clear Skin


  • CBD Clearskin Moisture: For more blemish-prone skin types, we’ve prepared a special CBD moisturizer that won’t clog pores while gently hydrating for flawless skin. Use after the Clearskin toner for fresh, hydrated skin.


cbdMD Fountain of Youth


CBD Serum


Serums are unique formulas, usually designed with specific benefits in mind. Our CBD serum is dynamic, which is why we’ve named it as such!


  • Fountain of Youth CBD Dynamic Serum: designed to deliver superior hydration while plumping and firming your complexion. Great for all skin types, especially mature skin. Smooth onto the face and neck morning and night for radiant skin that defies your age. 



CBD Body Moisturizers


CBD moisturizers also come in formulas for your body.  These formulas are usually more spreadable so that you can smooth them over larger areas of your body. Use them on specific areas of your body or all over to deliver the benefits of CBD everywhere you need it.


  • Luv Me Tender  CBD Soothing Lotion: This is the perfect body lotion for those who need a little extra calming for their skin. Apply it anywhere you need that extra moisture and tender care, such as on razor burn.


cbdMD Hands and Feet


  • Mega Moisture CBD Hands and Feet Lotion: For areas of your body that are a bit rougher and drier (like your hands and feet), you may need a little extra boost in your moisturizer. For this, we have Mega Moisture, a specialized CBD body lotion that provides just that extra special care you need without a heavy or greasy feel. Smooth it on those problem areas anytime you need it.


cbdMD Body Lotion


  • Everyday CBD Body Lotion: Provides ultra-soothing all-over body care. CBD partners with aloe vera juice, coconut oil, and apricot oil for that tender care your body needs.  Pleasantly scented with essential oils, this body lotion is perfect even for those who are scent-sensitive to many other body lotions.


How to Use CBD Moisturizer for Optimum Benefit


How to Use CBD Moisturizer for Optimum Benefit


If you plan to use a CBD moisturizer, there are a few tips and tricks to help you get the best out of those benefits. Moisturizers optimally work when they can penetrate the skin the best. Remember, your skin is a permeable membrane that functions as the largest organ of your body. Your activities influence how well your skin can do its job and accept the products that you put onto it. Here are a few ways to optimize your CBD moisturizers each day to get the best results.


Using CBD Moisturizers


Use CBD Moisturizers Regularly


CBD moisturizers and CBD products in general work best when used regularly. While CBD helps establish balance and homeostasis for your skin, it does that better if applied regularly. For example, someone who puts CBD body lotion on a couple of times a week may not notice the same benefits as someone who applies it every night after their shower and every morning when they're getting ready for work. Regular use will help you to see the best results.


Practice Regular Exfoliation


Your skin has a natural turnover process that involves a cycle of older skin cells dying off and being pressed to the surface by newer skin cells. These older skin cells gather on the surface of your skin and can prevent your skincare products from getting into your skin. If you practice regular exfoliation, it will help clear away these dead skin cells, give you more radiant skin, and allow those ingredients to get in there and moisturize more effectively. Using a CBD face mask once or twice a week can also achieve this.


Hydrate from Within


It may sound silly, but if you're not hydrating your entire body, your skin will not look good no matter what you put on it. Our bodies are made up largely of water, and when cells become depleted of water, they have a more collapsed and dull appearance which shows on our skin. This dims skin’s hue and can give it a pasty look and will also diminish elasticity.

Elasticity means that your skin bounces back. If you press your finger into your skin and then release it, and your skin holds that fingerprint for a few moments, this is a good indicator that your skin is losing elasticity. This could be due to age as well, but staying well-hydrated is the best way to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful.


Get the Rest and Restorative Sleep Your Skin Needs


Another thing that can get in the way of your CBD skincare products and CBD moisturizers delivering that beautiful, radiant skin that you want is if you're just not sleeping enough. Getting a full night's sleep is important to your skin because that is the time that your skin slips into a reparative and restorative mode. This is your body's natural process, and if you cut that process short, it will show by your skin’s dull appearance.

You want to use your new CBD skincare products, and you'll want to look beautiful doing it, but that's hard to do if you're not sleeping enough. So, after you do your evening CBD skincare routine, plan to curl up in bed a little early and get your beauty sleep.


CBD Moisturizers as Part of Your Daily Care Routine


CBD Moisturizers as Part of Your Daily Care Routine


CBD has done great things in the health and wellness industry, but now it is taking the beauty industry by storm. The moisturizing, calming, and soothing properties of CBD are changing skin care. CBD moisturizers are a good first-choice product if you're not familiar with CBD skincare products. Choose one that suits your skincare needs and use it regularly to get the supple and lovely skin of your dreams. And while you're at it, drink a little more fresh water every day and work on your sleep cycle. A healthier you begins from the inside. 

We’d love to hear how you love your CBD moisturizers. Will you share your experiences and thoughts with us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages? We look forward to hearing from you.


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