CBD for Pet Anxiety

CBD for Pet Anxiety

Alleviating the Pressure of Pet Anxiety

Favorite pair of sneakers busted by Buster? Is Harvey hiding under the bed? While pets are known to exhibit some odd behaviors, other symptoms may be signs of a bigger issue. Although separation anxiety is commonplace amongst both cats and dogs, that doesn’t mean they need to unwillingly suffer from its debilitating grasp.

There are several glaring signs that could mean your furry friend is on the fast track to anxiety. For dogs, the most common symptoms include excessive barking, potty mishaps, shaking or hiding, and bouts of destruction. Cats will display their discomfort by increased meowing, over-grooming themselves, and going to the bathroom outside of their litter box. Pet anxiety is something that should not be disregarded and providing them with extra amounts of TLC will go a long way to reassuring your Rufus.

The curiosity didn’t kill the cat, but rather, it captured our hearts. Cats have climbed their way into our everyday lives and purred their way onto our laps. Although already notorious for strange behavior, your furry feline may be exhibiting some symptoms that point to a more serious case of anxiety. If they’re meowing excessively, it may be an attention-seeking behavior to alert you of a bigger problem. Even though cats enjoy their alone time and take pride in personal grooming, an excessive amount of it could be a symptom of compounding stress. Don’t just ignore your cat in hopes that they’ll go back to playing with their favorite string.

We treat our pets like offsprings of our own, and rightfully so. In doing so, we take the Hippocratic Oath of parenthood to provide them with food, family, and occasionally pharmaceuticals. But as the side effects of these medications become increasingly severe, opting for a more natural approach to pet health is becoming more mainstream. Insert cannabidiol (CBD) here. Just as CBD works with our human endocannabinoid system (ECS) to potentially alleviate a wide range of ailments, the no-high hemp derivative provides the same relief for pets. In fact, cats share 90% of homologous genes with humans and dogs share 82% making our biological makeup strikingly similar. In working with the ECS, CBD has the power to maintain internal homeostasis and works to counteract the influx of negative outside influences.

The decision is pretty simple: pump your pup full of pills with lengthy side effects, or keep your cat content with organically grown and processed CBD. Their comfort is in your hands, don’t drop the hairball.