CBD Over Diet Pills - Why People Are Making The Switch

CBD Over Diet Pills - Why People Are Making The Switch

Big Business & Big Side Effects: Why More People are Choosing CBD Over Diet Pills

According to Boston Medical Center (BMC) Americans spend about $33 billion a year on products and purchases intended for weight loss (and most of those products sit in the basement). From morbid obesity issues to those suffering from the cultural term ‘skinny fat’, it’s clear that the desire to be thinner is not limited to any one stereotype. It’s a national obsession. And it can be pursued in a myriad of unhealthy ways, unfortunately.

Weight Loss Pills & Side Effects

With $33 billion being spent on purchases intended for weight loss, a large group of innocent people are taken in by false claims and flashy ads. And often, they find them to be ineffective. Perhaps the worst reality of this $33 billion spending is that these purchased products can often have some terrifying side-effects on the mental and physical aspects of the user.

For example, weight loss pills are perhaps the most popular products. Many of them ensure rapid weight-loss and little effort. And most of them can be bought online or over the counter. A few of the side-effects of the most popular pills include, but are not limited to: increased risk of heart attack or stroke, dependency, and dry mouth. Many diet pills are bought out of desperation. It’s hard for the modern person to fit in a workout routine amidst a forty-hour work week and family dinners. And weight-loss surgeries? Can be scary and expensive. For many, it’s a last resort--one that can come with a high price in the form of side-effects. And many are tired of paying it. They are looking to other, natural options. And many are choosing Cannabidiol (CBD oil). Why? Because it’s showing effectiveness with no side-effects.

CBD is a Natural Alternative

Cannabidiol works with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to rid the body of toxins and promote a better quality of life through interacting with pain receptors and helping the body to heal itself. Weight that just won’t come off is often an indicator of a toxic-ridden body. CBD oil helps support your endocannabinoid system naturally and allow those toxins to flee the body (along with the harbored fat those toxins create).

Being thin and healthy isn’t much help if you have to ingest THC in any amount (the legal limit is .03%) for most hemp oils. But, many manufacturers remove the THC (the risky stuff( with a process that also eliminates all of the healthy fats and acids (the good stuff). With cbdMD, however, we use a hybrid method of processing. We start with pure CBD Isolate and pursue Full Spectrum processing. We start with none of the risk and all of the good stuff and end up with the same thing! You can read more about our process here (link to Why CBDMD).

If you’re at a plateau in your weight loss or are not a candidate for surgeries, or if you simply shudder at the thought of being a jittery mess on diet pills--consider giving the best CBD oil available a try. You may find what many have found on cbdMD--a better quality of life, a less toxic system and considerable weight loss. What are you waiting for? Explore our website and additional articles to find out how our best CBD oil may help you reach your health goals. Good luck!