Promote Deeper Sleep With CBD Bath Bombs

Promote Deeper Sleep With CBD Bath Bombs

There’s plenty to keep a person awake at night these days, but sleep is more important than ever.


Getting enough rest is crucial to the whole-body health that helps keep your immune system functioning, which, in turn, enables you to fight off infectious diseases. Moreover, you don’t just need six to eight hours of sleep a night, but good sleep – the kind you can’t just buy with sleeping pills.


Even without the scary headlines, many things can interfere with that. Poor sleep habits and chronic pain are among the most common. But fortunately, you can address both problems by building a nightly routine that includes a hot bath with CBD bath bombs.


Read on about how to best use CBD bath bombs for sleep, and how not only the bombs but the bath itself can help you get some shuteye. We’ll also get into using CBD bath bombs for minor aches and pains, which can also contribute to a more restful night.

Why Baths Are Good For You

Dark-haired woman relaxing in porcelain claw-foot tub

On top of keeping us all clean, baths have been making people feel better for thousands of years. Back before indoor plumbing, people would travel long distances to natural hot springs said to have therapeutic powers.


Even today, we’re still learning about the benefits of baths. The chief effect of soaking in hot water is that it dilates your blood vessels, helping your muscles to relax and increasing blood flow to all parts of your body.


These effects help lower your blood pressure, which has all kinds of benefits. And a new study found that bathing appears to cut the risk of heart disease and stroke for that reason.


But as far as sleep goes, this has other benefits. It generally helps to relax you. And can help with many minor aches, especially those caused by muscle stiffness and arthritis. Blood promotes healing by nourishing your body’s tissues so they can repair and regenerate.


This dilation of blood vessels can also make the air feel colder once you get out of the tub because that’s also how your body sheds heat. However, that might actually help you to sleep.


Last year, published research on bathing and sleep found that a hot bath taken one to two hours before bed improved sleep. The likely explanation is that your brain picks up on the natural signals of nightfall, such as darkness and coolness, to generate melatonin, a hormone that tells you it’s time for bed.


When you take a hot bath, you temporarily raise your body temperature, then cause it to drop again once you get out. This change mimics the natural evening cooling and stimulates melatonin production.

What a CBD Bath Bomb Does For Sleep

So, let’s start with the basics: what’s in a bath bomb, anyway?

Hand holding blue Rejuvenate CBD bath bomb from cbdMD


The stuff that makes bath bombs “explode” is bicarbonate of soda with citric acid, which gives off carbon dioxide to create fizzy bubbles when it hits the water. But that’s just for fun: the active ingredients in cbdMD’s CBD Bath Bombs are as follows.

Pure, THC-Free CBD

Each of our bath bombs contains 100 mg of CBD. Some other companies can say the same – but not all CBD is alike.


CBD comes from the cannabis plant, which, if we’re honest, is best known for getting people stoned. That’s due to the THC that naturally occurs in cannabis. However, breeders have been able to develop a form of cannabis with little or no THC, which the government defines as industrial hemp 


cbdMD draws out the CBD from industrial hemp through a process that ensures that the THC, if it’s there at all, is below any detectable level. That means both our products are legal at the federal level and aren’t going to make you fail a drug test.


But if our CBD doesn’t get you stoned, can it still relax you? As the Magic 8 Ball would say, “Signs point to yes!”


Research indicates that CBD can have calming effects, especially in stressful situations like public speaking. Thousands of users also testify that it helps them chill out.


At the same time, CBD doesn’t depress the central nervous system the way that many popular sedatives do. This advantage decreases the risk of impaired functioning and certain sleep disorders like sleep apnea.


Learn more cannabidiol, check out our CBD guide. 

Epsom Salt

Remember those natural springs that people have long visited for their health? Well, one of them is in the town of Epsom, England. 


Epsom’s springs are high in magnesium sulfate, an alkaline substance that, taken internally, is an over-the-counter laxative. However, many people also have found that bathing in it helps ease muscle and joint pain, as well as skin irritations. So we included it in our CBD bath bomb for minor aches.

A woman’s pedicured feet lifting out of a bubble bath

Essential Oils

Essential oils in bath bombs can provide benefits both by inhalation and absorption through the skin. There are many, many essential oils out there, but at cbdMD, we use three classics:


  • Lavender has germ-killing powers that make it popular in cleaning products, which can also help fight infections in people. Lavender tea can help relieve digestive problems, and when applied topically, lavender oil can ease painful areas. Inhaling lavender in aromatherapy, such as with a lavender and CBD bath bomb, also seems to contribute to the signs of anxiety and depression.
  • Eucalyptus, long a staple of aboriginal Australian medicine, has gone on to become a commonplace of over-the-counter treatments in the West. Eucalyptus oil has antibiotic and pain-killing powers, so it can be helpful aromatherapy if you’re feeling under the weather. Many also swear by it as a way to clear up congestion.
  • Frankincense, a staple of ancient churches and religious rites due to its otherworldly scent, has also proven handy for fighting inflammation, and there’s some evidence it can help people with chronic asthma.


As you can see, this combination of ingredients can both help you relax and address health issues that might be keeping you awake, making for an ideal CBD bath bomb for sleep.

Creating Good Sleep Habits

As noted above, research indicates that a bath taken between one and two hours before bedtime will help stimulate melatonin production. But there are other ways to get your body clock in order too.


One way is to go to bed around the same time every night, even if you don’t need to get up early in the morning. While the differences between morning people and night owls are partly inborn, you can adjust your inner schedule somewhat if you stick to it.


Darkness also seems to trigger melatonin, not surprisingly. Try to avoid using unnecessary artificial lights as you near bedtime, and dim your screens if you must use them at all. Avoiding excess noise, if you can, also helps.


And to build on the temperature benefits of bathing, try to keep your bedroom relatively cool. If you’re like me, you’re prone to feeling chilly when you go to bed, but don’t resolve that problem by keeping the ambient temperature up. Try instead to make your bed warmer, or yourself warmer with heavier sleepwear. You may find that a good night’s sleep warms you up anyway.


Finally, try to avoid mind-altering chemicals before bedtime. A glass of wine might help you unwind, but too much alcohol before bed can disturb your sleep by creating a rebound of energy in the middle of the night.


And as for caffeine – well, you already know that, right? And yet people often insist that it doesn’t have the same effect on them as it does on others, even when they have trouble sleeping. It seems to activate the same part of the ego that insists it can drink you under the table.


But if you are a habitual evening coffee drinker, try switching it up with decaf, tea, or some other non-stimulating beverage. It may make more difference than you think.


Stack of CBD bath bombs for sale from cbdMD

Taking Melatonin Directly

So, you’ve got a nice routine going with a rejuvenating CBD bath bomb for sleep, darkness, quiet, and all the rest. There still might be times when you have trouble sleeping, such as when you’re traveling, under extra stress, or trying to “spring forward.” 


Under such circumstances, you may want to take melatonin by ingestion. Since the 1990s, it’s been available over the counter as a health supplement, and some research supports its usefulness for jet lag in particular.


At cbdMD, we’ve incorporated it into our award-winning CBD and melatonin option: CBD PM. This product offers the calming benefits of melatonin and CBD oil together, combined with a proprietary blend of soothing herbs. The tincture even won Product of the Year in 2020 based on an independent survey of 40,000 consumers conducted by Kantar.


If the tincture isn’t for you, CBD PM is also available in CBD capsule form. Just be sure to consult your physician before taking CBD internally, because it might interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications.

Experience the Power of CBD Bath Bombs For Sleep

Whether you’re having trouble sleeping or just need to relax, cbdMD has a full range of bath bombs to choose what’s best for you. Try out our different scents and colors to tailor a bedtime routine just for you!

Disclaimer: The cbdMD blog contains general information about health, diet, lifestyle, and nutrition. Any information provided should not be considered or treated as medical advice and you should always consult a medical professional before making any lifestyle changes. Products and information mentioned on the cbdMD blog are not intended to be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Any links to third-party websites are provided as a convenience only and cbdMD is not responsible for their content. 


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