CBD Bath Bombs: How to Relax After a Long Day

CBD Bath Bombs: How to Relax After a Long Day

One of the most popular ways to de-stress in the evenings is with hot baths. If you’re lucky enough to live in a house or apartment with a good bathtub, you can gain in just a few minutes what pilgrims used to travel many miles to hot springs to get.

CBD bath bombs can add even more benefits to a hot bath. The soothing qualities of CBD perfectly complement the scents of essential oils and the luxurious colors and fizziness of bath bombs to create a spa-like experience.

If you’re not much of a bather, or take baths purely to get clean, you’ll find that a bath for relaxation is about more than just washing. Many people make a whole ritual out of it. And while you can always tailor the routine to suit your own needs, here are some basics to get you started.

A small stack of four cbd bath bombs from cbdmd sit on a bathroom countertop in various colors

Choose the Right Time (and Enough Time)

For bathing with CBD bath bombs, we advise taking around 30 minutes to soak and give all the CBD bath bomb benefits time to work. So if you can, choose a part of the day when you don’t have to rush.

For maximum relaxation, some research has found that taking a hot bath one to two hours before bedtime seems to help people sleep. We’ll talk about CBD and sleep more in future posts.

A woman with blond hair pulled up and tied with a ribbon sits in a bubble bath surrounded by lit candles

Get the Lighting Right

Candles are pretty much the cliche lighting for a long bath. But you know, there’s a reason for that – the light in most bathrooms is made to be bright enough to shave by, not for relaxing. So if your bathroom doesn’t have a dimmer switch, candles are the way to go.

Many people like to use scented candles while bathing. If you’re going to soak with CBD bath bombs, keep in mind that they have their own scents. If you really like the smell of a particular bath bomb, you might find a candle that matches it (like lavender, for example), but otherwise, scentless candles are probably better.

A dark haired woman sits up to her neck in a bubble bath holding up a book while she reads

Line Up Your Entertainment

Unless you’re lucky enough to have company in the tub, just lying there for half an hour can get tedious. For some, that can be a great way to clear the mind, but others will need a diversion.

We’ve all been drilled in the dangers of plug-in devices and water, but technology marches on. If you like music or podcasts, try a waterproof mp3 player. Some gadgets let you read books while bathing.

Grab a Drink

A glass of wine is the favorite libation for any movie scene featuring a relaxing or romantic bath. And if wine is your thing, go for it. Don’t take the whole bottle in with you, though – soaking in hot water can make it easier to lose consciousness from alcohol consumption, and people have been known to drown in bathtubs for this reason.

An alternative is to mix a CBD drink, like CBD tea, which can calm you without knocking you out the way booze can. Choose an herbal tea to avoid caffeine.

A dark skinned woman with curly dark hair sits in a curved bath tub filled with bubbles

Choose a Comfortable Temperature

While athletes and macho men sometimes go for super-hot or super-cold baths for various reasons, it’s best to draw a comfortably warm bath for relaxation purposes.

Since the water will gradually get colder, you want to start on the hot side, but don’t let it scald. Testing the water on your inner wrist, like it’s baby formula, can give you the most accurate sense of what it’ll feel like to put your whole body in it.

A woman's delicate hand holds a pick cbd bath bomb above a tub full of bubbly water

Pick the Best CBD Bath Bombs

Our 100 mg CBD bath bombs include Epsom salt and kaolin clay for skin conditioning and coconut oil for moisturizing. They come in six different colors and four scents, so there’s something for every mood or taste. Here’s what we recommend for mellowing out:

  • Relax: It’s right in the name, right? Our purple CBD bath bomb is made with lavender oil, which some research suggests helps people relax. The scent is pleasantly herby and clean.
  • Resist: Also, lavender-scented, but pink in color.
  • Romance: A deep red and white CBD bath bomb infused with frankincense, which provides an ancient mystical aroma.
  • Restore: A soft green bomb with our special blend of scents, imparting a floral aroma with earthy notes.

Using CBD bath bombs is as simple as it can be. Just draw up the tub, drop a bomb into the water, and let it fizz away. Climb in and relax!

A miniature claw foot tub full of multi-colored cbd bath bombs sits on a bathroom counter

Tell Us Your Favorite Bath Time Rituals

We’ve run through some basic guidelines for taking a relaxing bath, but everyone has personal preferences. What’s your favorite way to take a bath? Which CBD bath bomb is your favorite? Leave your comments on our CBD bath bomb product pages or Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts!


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