CBD Oil for Skin - How it Helps

CBD Oil for Skin - How it Helps

CBD oil for Skin is In

Skin care routines are changing for the better with CBD oil. It’s getting an immense amount of attention for its many epidermal benefits and lack of synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to one’s health. From serious skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema to general dry skin and irritation, users are declaring it the remedy they’ve been waiting for. The irony lies in this: CBD oil isn’t new. It’s been used since ancient times in cultures such as Egypt and the Netherlands dating back as far as 10,000 years ago, to cure illness, reduce inflammation, and promote healthier skin and hair. 

CBD Contains Rich Nutrients & Vitamins

The oil itself is a compound full of vitamins and minerals and is extracted from the hemp plant; however, the process of extraction makes CBD oil different. Whereas hemp oil is derived from the seed, CBD oil is derived from hemp leaves, and through a hybrid process (such as cbdMD uses) is THC element free. Our pure CBD oil contains absolutely NO psychoactive elements, but an abundance of healthy acids such as those valuable Omegas 3s and Omega 6s. The Omega acids themselves help to repair and prevent cell damage and CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce sebaceous gland activity, which in turn, diminishes bacteria that may cause acne in many users. CBD oil has anti-aging benefits by balancing the sebaceous glands to make sure the skin is evenly saturated with healthy oils, thus preventing dry skin!

Natural remedy advocates, and those that have seen little results with prescription medications aimed at skin care, are seeing cbd oil for skin as the next step to promote smoother complexions and less noticeable wrinkles while saving hundreds on the over the counter medications and cosmetics that often don’t target the problem. CBD oil, when applied to the skin or taken internally, can promote a healthier complexion and remedy a variety of ailments according to users. The fact that CBD oil is all-natural (aka, free from the synthetics and harsh chemicals in mainstream products) is the icing on the cake for many purchasers.

However, as modern medicine advances into the realization that natural and alternative remedies, such as CBD oil, for anti-aging do work (and may work better for many) the idea of utilizing hemp-derived products again have revamped the cosmetic and skin care industry. One scan online will offer dozens of options, testimonials, and offers of products derived from hemp and the holy grail that is CBD oil. But, quality matters when buying hemp products such as CBD oil for pain and skin irritation. And companies can blur the lines between legitimate practices and speedy production.

Our hybrid-process, pure CBD oil products at cbdMD are lab-tested by third parties and objectively analyzed to ensure quality and the absence of THC. Clearer skin and healthier hair pale in comparison to getting a potentially positive drug screening at your job. We understand that—that’s why we prime our process to deliver the best, and most risk-free product. Apart from better skin and healthier hair, a major benefit is getting to travel, work and live knowing that your product is THC-free.