CBD Oil: Anxiety’s Natural Nemesis

CBD Oil: Anxiety’s Natural Nemesis

CBD Oil: Anxiety’s Natural Nemesis

According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders currently affect 19 million kids and adults. That’s a lot. It’s a lot of people. It’s a lot of missed opportunities. And it’s a lot of suffering. Anxiety disorders don’t just make the sufferers feel helpless, it can make their parents, siblings, friends and family feel just as helpless. These disorders bring with them a variety of additional ailments. Anxiety causes sufferers to struggle with focus. A pounding heart, jitteriness and excessive worry are a few of the additional issues they can face.

Benefits of CBD Oil

While the list of exhibited side-effects can be endless, it’s really the life-alterations that come from anxiety that truly makes this a debilitating disorder that limits quality of life. Anxiety can instill fear and worry and harbor it in such a way that it prevents the sufferer from achieving a better life. Anyone who has been in the modern workplace knows that to sustain or advance your position requires teamwork, concentration, public speaking and transportation. In essence, you have to engage with others and with the outside modern elements. These can all be triggers for more anxiety in those who already suffer.

Impact of Anxiety on Everyday Life

When anxiety becomes a limiting factor that prevents one from going about their daily activities, is usually when a doctor is sought to help. While many seek counseling or therapy, it’s often prescription drugs that are the chosen fix, for many reasons. Prescriptions are cheaper and work faster for many, than traditional therapy practices. They also become a part of a comforting routine. Until, they don’t. Unfortunately, one of the major researched side-effects of anti-anxiety prescriptions is their potential to increase anxious or suicidal thoughts.

These realities and dangers of prescriptions are leading more and more sufferers of anxiety to try natural remedies. Many are finding cbd oil to be their anti-stressor. Cannabidiol is gaining popularity for it’s natural ability to work with the body to reduce anxiety and stress in the user as opposed to simply masking the anxious feelings with chemicals.

CBD oil may enhance the body’s natural receptors of serotonin—even faster than traditional SSRIs on the market. In addition, studies show that repeated use of CBD oil shows potential to positively affect neuron regeneration, eventually helping relieve anxious symptoms. Patients have been seen to feel better AND have calmer reactions to usual anxiety triggers.

While more research is still being done, the testimonials driven by actual users of CBD oil are what’s turning many onto the compound. As with any natural remedy, quality is the highest priority. At cbdMD we use a hybrid method which utilizes Pure CBD Isolate with Full-Spectrum processing. The highest amount of beneficial elements in the compound CBD remains, while having zero presence of THC. For many, CBD oil is helping them overcome the normal routines that non-anxiety sufferers take for granted. With no reported side-effects and a myriad of additional healthy bonuses reported by users, why wouldn’t you give the best CBD oil a try?