Decompress & Destress with CBD Bath Bombs

Decompress & Destress with CBD Bath Bombs

April is National Stress Awareness Month, but in April 2020, stress probably doesn’t need the publicity.


Lots of Americans are stressing out about the uncertain future of both the economy and public health. But what can we do to fend off those threats? “Stay at home.”


Fortunately, there are things you can do even when you’re stuck at home to both handle stress and boost your health. One little perk of our enforced idleness is that you may have time to take nice long baths.


While a bath itself is a good stress reliever, you can enhance those powers by using CBD Bath Bombs. In this article, we’ll dive into how CBD oil bath bombs work and how a wellness routine, including CBD oil bath bombs, is helpful for stress.

CBD Bath Bomb in water

Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

The benefits of CBD oil bath bombs come in two parts: the bath, and the bomb.


Baths, especially hot ones, are an old standby for healing what ails you. The hot water dilates your blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved circulation to all parts of your body.


This improved blood flow relaxes your muscles and joints, which is why hot baths feel so good when you’re tired and stiff. The lowered blood pressure also helps mellow you out since sometimes your emotions take their cues from your body – if you’re physically relaxed, that can quiet the worry-monkey in your head.


Hot water also opens up your pores, which can make your skin more permeable to whatever is in the water. So a hot bath is also an opportunity to soak in beneficial compounds that can be administered by bath bombs. Along with a hot bath, CBD bath bombs may:


  • Manage calm to support everyday stresses

  • Assists with exercise recovery

  • Support daily wellness routine


Woman putting CBD Bath Bomb in bath

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

Do CBD bath bombs work? And if so, how? CBD acts on the body through the endocannabinoid system or ECS. This network of transmitters and receptors interacts with cannabinoids, a group of organic compounds in the cannabis plant that includes CBD.


Research is ongoing as to what the ECS does. Still, it appears to be involved in a lot of different physiological functions, including mood, sleep, memory, and the immune system. It’s the first of those that’s probably attracted the most attention: many users testify that it helps them stay calm, and there’s some research to back that up.


The ECS extends throughout the body, including to the skin. This extension has led cbdMD to develop an ever-growing line of CBD topicals that combine CBD with ingredients to moisturize skin, fight pain, and other purposes.


The CBD bath bombs are a logical companion to that line. They provide a way to apply CBD to almost all of your skin at one time, while you also enjoy the benefits of a hot bath.

CBD Bath Bomb Products

What Makes Our CBD Bath Bombs Different?

Lots of companies these days are selling CBD oil bath bombs of one sort or another. Some of them might even be cheaper than ours. So what sets ours apart – as it turns out, a lot of things.


As I noted above, there are a lot of different compounds in cannabis that interact with the ECS. Research on most of them is in even earlier stages than for CBD. But there’s one that’s historically gotten even more attention: THC.


THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the “high” that people get by smoking or eating cannabis. While it’s also a popular stress reliever, it can have some unwanted side effects and is illegal both federally and in many U.S. states.


As a result, the only kind of CBD that’s legal on the federal level comes from what the government calls industrial hemp: cannabis bred to have no more than 0.3 percent THC. That’s where all of our CBD comes from as well. And to make extra sure that there’s no detectable THC in it, we have it all tested by an independent lab.


Sometimes you’ll see a CBD company advertise its product as “full spectrum,” meaning that its CBD isn’t just CBD but incorporates the whole spectrum of cannabinoids – including THC. While you probably won’t get stoned from a bath bomb, if you’re in a situation where you might get a drug test, you want to be on the safe side.


That’s one reason cbdMD’s bath bombs are popular with athletes – even MMA fighters that you might not associate with fragrant, pastel-colored grooming products. Drug tests are part of their job.



“The cbdMD bath bombs helped me get through my training camp,” said Jorge Masvidal after winning the UFC’s “BMF” title last year. “They were an amazing addition to help me get ready for this fight.”


Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is probably the most popular of the so-called “bath salts.” These aren’t the same as table or sea salt but are alkaline minerals that often occur naturally in mineral springs.


One such spring is in the town of Epsom, England. It’s rich in magnesium sulfate, so the common name for that compound is Epsom salt. Bathers have long visited the springs to find relief from minor aches and pains as well as skin irritations; nowadays, you only have to go as far as your nearest Internet-enabled device to find it.

A close view of CBD Bath Bombs

Essential Oils

Lots of bath bombs use essential oils that provide pleasant aromas as you bathe. For our CBD Bath Bombs, we’ve chosen three with long and storied careers in wellness: lavender, eucalyptus, and frankincense.


All three have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help if you have minor aches or a stressed immune system. But you can select which one you like based on your particular needs.


  • Lavender oil is popular in household cleaners because of its antiseptic properties. There’s also evidence that it can speed healing of wounds and fungal infections. So you might want to use our Resist or Relax bath bombs, both suffused with lavender, to make sure that you’re squeaky clean.


More pertinent to our current topic, some research indicates that lavender scents help lower anxiety from tense situations. So a lavender-infused bath can also be a great way to de-stress.


  • Eucalyptus oil is a common ingredient in cough and cold medicines. It appears to act as an expectorant, loosening up phlegm in clogged sinuses. So our eucalyptus-infused Rise or Rejuvenate bath bombs could be just the thing if you’re suffering from a head cold or spring allergies.


  • Frankincense, whose scent infuses so many traditional churches, also seems to help clear congestion when inhaled. Our Romance bath bomb may be an especially good option for you if you have asthma, due to promising medical research along that line. Frankincense also shows promise as a treatment for arthritis.

How to Use CBD Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are, quite possibly, the most straightforward CBD product to use. Here’s what to do: 


  1. Draw up a warm bath, drop in the bomb, and wait for it to dissolve. Because of the combination of baking soda and citric acid that makes up the bulk of a bath bomb, it does some dramatic bubbling and fizzing to get there.
  2. You can soak for as long as you like, but we recommend at least 30 minutes. Some folks may choose to throw multiple bombs in there for extra oomph, but it’s best to start slow. While the CBD is unlikely to do you any harm, some of the essential oils can irritate your skin and nose if you overdo them.

  3. Repeat daily, weekly, or whenever you feel the need to decompress. If you’re feeling stressed, try taking a bath with a CBD oil bath bomb every day for a few weeks. There is some evidence that CBD takes time to build up in your system, so you may feel the effects increase over time.


Also, consult your doctor before you start using CBD products, mainly if you haven’t used them before. CBD is generally safe, but you should have medical guidance if you’re using it to address particular health conditions.

Stress Less with CBD Bundles

You can also try combining CBD oil bath bombs with other CBD products to deal with specific issues. If you’re having trouble sleeping – a common side effect of stress – CBD PM combines CBD with melatonin and other relaxing herbs to help you get a rejuvenating sleep. It recently won the Product of the Year Award in the newly created CBD Sleep Aid category.


We put the two of them together in our Ultimate Relaxation CBD Bundle, with a CBD PM tincture and lavender-scented Relax CBD Bath Bomb, for a discount price.


If you’re looking for an even more complete package, our Relax, Regroup, Recharge Bundle bundle includes both eucalyptus and lavender bath bombs, a CBD PM tincture, and our straight-up unflavored, unadorned CBD oil tincture for daily wellness.


Bath bombs can also help with minor aches and pains, but if you’ve got a tough-problem spot, then CBD Freeze could do the trick. It’s got a blend of CBD with menthol and arnica in a topical gel that provides instant cooling pain relief.  Freeze also won Product of the Year this year in the CBD Topicals category.


To put them together, we created a Self-Care CBD Bundle, comprising Freeze, a tincture, and a eucalyptus-infused bath bomb.


Or if you want to put Freeze and PM together, we’ve put them both in our award-winning expert kit cbd bundle. Sadly, you’ll have to buy bath bombs separately, though.


There’s no one-size-fits-all CBD regimen, so feel free to experiment to find out what works for you. Staying at home might turn out to be better than you imagined.

How Do You Chill Out?

CBD oil bath bombs are just one way you can promote a sense of calm (global pandemic or not). How do you de-stress at home? Let us know by following us on Instagram and Facebook.


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