How CBD Body Lotion Supports the Skin You’re In

How CBD Body Lotion Supports the Skin You’re In

Which is the best CBD body lotion for you? It really just depends on your individual needs. Indeed, you might need all of them at different times! For any lifestyle and skin type, a good CBD body lotion can give your skin that extra measure of comfort and care. Here’s a brief overview of CBD skin care benefits, and a few different CBD lotions you may want to try.

How CBD Body Lotion Benefits Your Skin

We’ve been focusing a lot on facial care here in our series on CBD skin care products, and for good reason – that’s the literal “face” that we all present to the world! But you’ve got skin all over the rest of you too, and even if not everyone can see it, taking care of it is important to maintaining your well-being. Here’s a bit about CBD lotion and what it can do for the skin you're in.

Moisturizing for Your Skin

CBD is bringing a whole new level of care to your skincare products. What CBD does for your facial skin care is fantastic, but why not add the full benefit for your whole body? That’s a good reason to add CBD body lotion to your daily skincare routine.

Staying moisturized is important all year, but it’s especially so in winter, when skin can get dry, cold, and abraded by layers of clothing. This can leave it rough, itchy, and even cracking in some places. During the warmer months, your skin also goes through more sun exposure and extra cleansing, so replenishing moisture is super important.

CBD Skin Care vs CBD Oral Use

Fortunately, the plant kingdom provides us with many different oils that can hydrate human skin, as well as extracts that can bring other beneficial effects. Among them, of course, is CBD itself, which you can absorb through the skin to receive some of the same benefits you get from taking it orally.

When you take CBD orally it provides benefits for your whole body and mind, but CBD lotion is a more targeted approach to getting the soothing benefits for your skin and bathing your whole body in comfort. Let’s take a look at the types of CBD body lotions you may encounter.

Types of CBD Body Lotion

CBD body lotions may come in lotion form as well as a more creamy form for especially rough areas like your hands and feet. An all-over body lotion will have a lighter, more spreadable consistency so you can easily apply it after your shower, at the gym, or anytime in between.

CBD creams for hands and feet can be easily applied for a quick and soothing balmy care for those parts of your body that sometimes have it rough. Your hands and feet come into contact with much more than your other body parts do, and can often experience more dryness and tougher skin. CBD hand and foot creams help to soften those areas and soothe them from all they go through in your daily life.

At cbdMD Botanicals, we’ve taken our expertise with CBD and applied it to other botanical oils and extracts to formulate different CBD body lotions to suit different needs. Let’s look in more detail at our three offerings and how you can best fit them into your CBD skincare regimen.

A tube of everyday body lotion from cbdmd botanicals sits against a yellow background

Everyday Moisturizing CBD Body Lotion

A lightweight, all-over CBD body lotion is perfect for daily use on all your skin. You can use it at home after a long day, put it on in the morning after a shower, or take it with you for quick use anytime you need it. Let’s take a look at the Everyday Moisturizing CBD Body Lotion a little more closely to see what makes it so special.

Lightweight Non-Greasy Formula

A good staple of any skincare routine is a light moisturizer to put on wherever you need it after you emerge from a shower or bath, or anytime you find a rough or itchy spot. cbdMD Botanicals’ Everyday CBD lotion is made to be hydrating without being greasy or heavy, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your clothes.

These lighter-weight formulas also make for a quicker absorption on your skin, which helps you to apply your moisture and simply get on with your day. This suits any lifestyle to provide that extra measure of comfort for your skin but not take up too much of your time.

Superior Moisturizing Ingredients

Our daily CBD lotion is fortified with a nourishing Superior Broad Spectrum CBD extract that is made from hemp grown right here in the USA. This is the unique elixir that cbdMD developed for its original CBD oil and other ingestible products, with an innovative blend of cannabinoids and terpenes to support your skin. It is third-party tested with state-of-the-art lab facilities so we bring you only the best-quality CBD skincare formulas.

The basic moisture comes from coconut oil and apricot kernel oil. Coconut oil, on top of having an evocative tropical scent, is an excellent hydrator rich in fatty acids that nourish your skin. Apricot oil improves skin’s suppleness and elasticity and leaves it glowing.

The result is a fresh and gentle nourishment for your skin that you can use anytime your skin needs a little care.

Rich with Botanicals

We’ve supplemented this moisturizing base with several botanical extracts to pamper your skin.

  • Citric acid: Both by itself and in the lemon, orange, and grapefruit essential oils in the lotion, citric acid helps brighten skin. The oils also yield a pleasant scent without artificial perfumes.
  • Vitamin E: This essential nutrient in any skin-nourishing regimen is a powerful antioxidant that aids skin’s recovery from everyday stresses.
  • Essential oils: Added bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, orange, and lavender for aromatherapy.

a tube of mega moisture hands and feet lotion from cbdmd sits against a blue background

Mega Moisture Hands & Feet CBD Lotion

The skin on hands and feet get subjected to extra wear and tear. Walking, washing your hands or doing repetitive things like raking leaves or crafting can all take their toll. With all we put our hands and feet through, they need a bit of extra soothing care designed just for these “high traffic” areas of your skin.

Super Creamy Formula

Our Mega Moisture lotion also includes our CBD formula, but the rest of it is focused on more intense hydrators than our other CBD lotions. It is also made with our superior blend of broad spectrum CBD, but with some extra-supportive ingredients for the care your hands and feet need.

The formula is made with a creamy and luscious texture to make it spreadable and nourishing to target those tougher areas that need the extra support.

Supportive Moisturizing Ingredients

These super-hydrating and pampering moisturizing ingredients help to deliver the added moisture needed by your dry hands or rough heels and feet.

  • Moroccan argan oil: We’ve discussed the benefits of argan oil before, and it’s one of our favorite ingredients here at cbdMD Botanicals. It’s a great penetrating oil that soothes and helps repair cracks and fine lines, so what’s not to love?
  • Shea Butter: We’ve also gone into detail about shea butter for skin care here on this blog. It’s great for locking in moisture, and helps calm skin and even protect it from the sun.
  • Aloe Vera Extract: You’ve likely seen the juice of this Arabian succulent in products for minor skin irritations, and it serves the same soothing purpose in our CBD lotion.
  • Pure Beeswax: Beeswax is a humectant and protectant for your skin with the perfect consistency for hands and feet, which get rubbed or washed more frequently.

Rich with Botanicals

We love fresh botanical scents and that aromatic experience for our products here at cbdMD, and our CBD hand and foot cream is packed with them. Get that spa-like experience with:

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

A tube of luv me tender soothing lotion from cbdmd sits against a green background

Luv Me Tender Soothing CBD Lotion

Sometimes, your skin needs a little more care than a daily moisturizer. Maybe you’ve just been to the beach and really put your skin through all the fun (and skin stress) of that time in the sun. Maybe you’ve been showering more often due to a new gym membership or maybe some work you’ve been doing around the house. Whatever that greater need, Luv Me Tender Soothing CBD lotion was made just for you.

Rich Moisturizing Formula

Luv Me Tender is the best CBD lotion for any part of your body that needs some extra TLC, such as from razor burn or exposure to cold. It’s the richest of our lotions, designed more for small areas that need special attention. We find this richer, all-over formula is the perfect go-to when you know your skin really needs it. Grab one of these to keep for extra pampering care or to aid your skin when it’s been through rough treatment.

Supportive Moisturizing Ingredients

Luv Me Tender also contains our CBD formula along with aloe vera extract to calm your skin, and like our Everyday lotion, is based in rich coconut oil.

Rich with Botanicals & Vitamins

Luv Me Tender also includes several essential oils for extra comfort and care. The rich and invigorating aromas will leave you feeling refreshed and indulgent.

  • Lavender oil: This cleansing extract helps restore your skin’s natural pH balance and renews its appearance.
  • Tea tree oil: Indigenous Australians have long used this native extract as an astringent, and many Westerners are now familiar with its benefits.
  • Peppermint oil: This is a natural source of menthol, which has a pleasant cooling effect on skin.
  • D-alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E): Antioxidant that can help to reduce skin damage.
  • D-panthenol (Vitamin B5): Also a powerful antioxidant.

A dark skinned woman smiles as she puts lotion on her face

Other CBD Botanicals Products

We hope you’ve enjoyed this walk through our CBD body lotions, and all of our cbdMD Botanicals products as we’ve been covering them in our botanical series of blogs. Try them out to find out which CBD lotion benefits you most enjoy. If you’ve missed anything or want to see what other botanicals CBD skin care products we have, here’s the full list of our botanicals blog posts:

Take Care of the Skin You Are in Year Round with CBD Body Lotion

We’re excited to keep telling you all about our new botanical CBD skincare products, from our CBD body lotion to CBD facial serums to even a pretty cool spray-on CBD facial toner. It’s all exciting for us because we know what a great addition to any skincare routine any of our Botanicals products can be. From head to toe, we have you covered with all the best in CBD skin care. And yes, we have some new CBD lotion products coming soon! Follow our blog for more great skincare updates and to stay aware of new product launches for products you’ll want to be the first to try!


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