How to Take Care of Your Skin Below Your Chin

How to Take Care of Your Skin Below Your Chin

There is a myriad of skin care articles, websites, and videos helping you learn all about skin care for your face, but today we are going to talk about how to take care of the skin that’s below your chin – your all-over-body care. Today, we’ll take a look at what you can do to get the skin of your dreams all over your body, and it all starts with how you take care of your skin. Stay tuned for some healthy skin care tips and tips on a good skin care regimen.


Some of the helpful stuff we’ll cover for you today are:


  • How to take care of your skin: a great skin care routine
  • Product selection for your skin type
  • Targeted skin care solutions
    • Anti Aging
    • Suncare
    • Dryness
  • How to protect your skin
  • Best body moisturizer for your skin 
  • Seasonal solutions for your skin


So, let’s get started, shall we? Your glowing, soft, supple, glorious skin awaits! OK, well, that was a bit dramatic, but we all want the best skin we can have, so let’s aim for that!

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How to Take Care of Your Skin with a Great Skin Care Routine

Get ready. Here’s where it gets down and dirty. Taking good care of your skin every day means you are going to have to: take care of your skin every day. You can’t hit the pool every day in the summer without thinking of your skin. You can’t take off and go skiing every day in the winter without planning, preparing, and healing your skin from all you put it through. You can’t load up on skin care for your face and then stop at your chin. 

Benefits of a Good Skin Care Routine

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? It has a lot of work to do, shielding you from the elements, absorbing vital nutrients (like vitamin D), and sensing temperature changes. How about fending off disease?


Your skin is vital to your health. But it also is the presentation we show to the world around us, so how our skin looks and feels is also important to us. 


How we care for our skin, all over our bodies, shows as we age. The results of neglecting skin care for your body while lavishing it on your face will undoubtedly be evident when you get to be my age. (We’ll not get into numbers, OK?) Your neck and upper chest will one day look like a crepey mess while your face appears smoother and brighter. Your body care routine is just as important as your facial skin care.


Similarly, ever seen a guy with great skin, but not on his neck and forehead? Likely, this is due to using good skin care products when he’s shaving, following up with a nice moisturizer, but not extending that care to all over the face or into his after-shower routine for his neck area and the rest of his body.


Knowing it’s vital, let’s decide to take better care of all that wonderful skin below our chins, OK? We’ll start with a little about your skin care routine. Most of this is pretty elementary, but don’t we need reminding from time to time? Maybe a little encouragement to take those extra few minutes to give your body what it needs?

Outline for a Good Skin Care Routine

  • Step One: Protect the skin from the elements using clothing suitable for the season. Use cloth materials that do not rub or irritate your skin.
  • Step Two: Cleanse the skin via shower or bathing. Use a gentle soap or body wash that is suitable for your skin type. Rinse. Pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Step Three: Shaving care and aftercare: Use a good razor and shaving aid to protect your skin. Make sure to rinse away all product and shaving cuttings. Cleanse your skin and pat dry.
  • Step Four: Weekly exfoliation with body scrub products will also help your skin look and feel its best. The instructions for each product will tell you how to use it properly. Be sure to get one gentle enough for your skin.
  • Step Five: Moisturizing is easily done right after bathing. Slather generously onto wet or dry skin and allow the product to absorb.

Other Crucial Aspects of Your Body Care Routine

  • Sun protection (day): Apply sunscreen to your face and body daily, or at least before you spend time out in the sun. Reapply after excessive sweating, wiping, or swimming.
  • Reparative measures (night): This is when you can use targeted moisturizers to care for your skin as you sleep and aid the skin’s natural cell turnover and healing processes at night.
  • Medical checkups: Handle any skin injury or diseases such as a bad sunburn, scald, or unusual growth by visiting your medical doctor. Regular skin checkups are advised.

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How to Take Care of Your Skin with Careful Product Selection

Now that we’ve covered the basics of skin care for your body and how to develop your daily body skin care routine, let's talk a little about choosing the right products for your skin.

Determining Your Body Skin Type

The skin on your body functions just like the skin on your face. So you may notice your skin is more on the dry side. Or maybe you have more oil on your skin, and it needs more balance. All skin is aging skin, but your age matters when it comes to skin care. As you get older, the cell turnover rate slows, collagen production diminishes, and your skin can become more dry, crepey, and dull. 


Before you choose products for your body care needs, analyze what type of skin you have. Feel your elbow and heels. These areas may need more care and moisturization.


You may determine that your skin needs the best body moisturizer, moisturizing body wash, or even a moisturizing body oil. Maybe your skin needs the best anti aging skin care. Whatever your skin’s needs, that will determine your skin care goals.

Determine Your Skin Care Goals

Skin Care goals can be really simple:


  • I want an anti aging skin care routine.
  • I want my skin to be softer.
  • I want my skin to be more healthy.
  • I want to protect my skin from the effects of aging.
  • I want to protect my skin from free radicals and environmental damage.
  • I want to protect my skin from my job, which is hard on my skin.


Your skin care goals will help you to decide which products are best. Decide on a budget you will be able to dedicate to your body care and choose a reputable company or store where you can get your products regularly. Some companies like cbdMD offer an autoship program that can take the fuss out of your skin care shopping.


Speaking of budgets, here at cbdMD, we provide excellent CBD infused skin care, but we do it affordably. If you are searching for CBD skin care at affordable prices, check out our Botanicals body care products.

The Good and Bad of Skin Care 

Now that you know what you are looking for let’s talk about ingredients. As you know, what ingredients go into your skin care either makes your skin better or masks skin “care” with fancy words and lots of aromas, so you think you’re getting great care for your skin. Ingredients are really all about two things: benefits and effects. Are they beneficial to your skin, and are they healthy, yielding the desired effects without harmful responses or damage to your skin?


Look for ingredients like:


  • Aloe or other beneficial botanicals.
  • Essential oils rather than chemical fragrances.
  • Natural oils and moisturizers like coconut or shea butter.
  • No additives, preservatives, chemical dyes, or perfumes.
  • Sugar scrubs for more gentle exfoliation.
  • If you are green-conscious: look for clean, vegan, or products with no animal testing, sustainably sourced ingredients, and responsible packaging.


Some things you may want to avoid (the “bad” of skin care):


  • Parabens
  • Aluminum
  • Phthalates
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Propylene glycol (PG) and butylene glycol
  • Mineral oil and Vaseline can clog the pores
  • DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine), and TEA (triethanolamine)
  • Comedogenic products and ingredients
  • Lots of chemical ingredients – it is better to go with more natural-based products

CBD Skin Care Products

If you are opting for CBD skin care, which is the latest skin care craze (for a good reason), here’s what you should look for in a good CBD skin care product:


  • Broad spectrum CBD, which is sourced in the USA.
  • Less than 0.3 percent THC, which is the legal limit. Some products have no THC or THC below detectable levels.
  • Find a reputable brand, like cbdMD, which uses third-party, thorough testing on all their products.


cbdMD Botanicals coconut body butter cbdMD Botanicals body sugar

CBD Skin Care Product Recommendations

cbdMD has a new line of CBD bath products bringing that pampering luxury to your skin, but at an affordable price for most budgets. This summer, especially, why not add in a little extra moisture for your skin with cbdMD Botanical Bath Care Products? Reveal your glowing skin with body butter, sugar scrubs, and dry body oil. 


In addition, here are some product recommendations for the perfect summer moisturizers for your skin (by skin type):


Best Body Moisturizer for Any Skin Type: Everyday Body Lotion

Best Body Moisturizer for Dry Skin: Moisturizing Body Butter in Pure Coconut, Lavender Chamomile, or Deep Sea

Best Body Moisturizer for Aging Skin: Luv Me Tender Body Lotion

Best Body Moisturizer for Extremely Dry Skin: Luv Me Tender Body Lotion and Hands & Feet Mega Moisture Lotion, or any of the Body Butter formulas

Best Moisturizing Body Oil: Dry Body Oil in Pure Coconut, Lavender Chamomile, or Deep Sea


Targeted Solutions to Help You Care for Your Skin

For some skin needs, you need targeted care solutions. Here are a few tips and recommendations for these skin care needs.

Aging Skin Has Special Needs

For aging skin, you need a healthy balance of protection (especially from free radicals in the environment), reparative measures (like extra help with collagen production), exfoliation (to help speed the cell turnover rate that slows with age), and ultra-hydration for drying skin as you age.


Look for ingredients such as:


  • Sugar in your exfoliant for more gentle exfoliation.
  • Hemp extract with CBD can be calming and nourishing for aging skin types, providing that extra measure of care.
  • Epsom salts, which can help to calm and purify: see CBD bath products.
  • Vitamins A, B5, and E can help to protect your skin against free radicals.
  • Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which support collagen production.
  • Nourishing emollients that help to hydrate the skin, like argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter


Suncare Is Important for Everyone

No matter your age, suncare and sun protection are both crucial to protect your skin. The CDC has guidelines for protecting yourself adequately from the harmful rays of the sun, which change as the environment changes and risk assessments are made. Here’s the website link for this important information: CDC Guidelines for Sun Protection. You can also check the UV Index each day for your area. For a UV index of over 3, the CDC recommends using sun protection products or keeping your skin covered.

Seasonal Skin Care

Aside from suncare, the weather, in general, is important for your skin care routine. In the summer, you will have to use extra sun-protective measures and likely turn up the moisture a bit. Go for a more nourishing moisturizer during those hot summer months. Opt for adding in a lip balm to soften those sun-kissed lips as well.


In the winter, protect your skin from the sun, the wind, and the extra dryness of that winter air. Consider a nourishing bath bomb to help restore the moisture balance in your skin and warm yourself after some outdoor fun.

How to Take Care of Your Skin with Our Help

cbdMD is here for all your skin care and personal wellness needs. We offer skin care products for your face, your body, and your bathtime. Each line we create is with you and your busy lifestyle in mind. Knowing how to take care of your skin and your personal wellness is as easy as following our blog, where we post articles on anti aging skin care, skin care tips, wellness, healthy lifestyle, and even some informative and fun pet tips.


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