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Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks This 4th of July

Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks This 4th of July

The Fourth of July is summer’s biggest holiday, and most of us look forward to spending time with friends and family, lots of food, and of course, fireworks. But while our favorite holiday traditions can be great fun for people, you might be wondering, “Can I take my dog to see fireworks?” Unfortunately, these patriotic festivities can be frightening and even dangerous for our furry family members. It can be hard to keep your dog calm during the fireworks displays common on the 4th of July.

According to the American Humane Association, more pets go missing during the 4th of July celebrations than any other time. July 5th is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters. Dogs can be traumatized by fireworks and run off into the night.

Firework Frenzies?

So, how to know if your dog is scared of fireworks? While not all dogs are afraid of fireworks, nearly 40% may suffer from noise sensitivity. Thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, even a car backfiring can trigger the “fight or flight” reaction that causes stress.


Common signs of noise sensitivity are:

  • Whining
  • Pacing
  • Shivering
  • Hiding
  • Licking their lips
  • Putting back their ears
If you see any of these signs, your dog may be suffering from noise sensitivity.

The good news is, even if your dog is afraid of loud noises, you can still enjoy the holiday celebrations and keep your dog calm during fireworks. With just a little preparation and precaution, you can know how to calm your dog during fireworks.

Safe and Sound

From the AKC to The Kennel Club to Hill’s, websites abound with ways to keep your dog calm during fireworks on July 4th. Here are some of the best tips for you and your dog.

Leave Your Pets at Home

As much as you’d like to take your best friends along, it’s best to leave them at home in a safe space when you go to fireworks and other festivities. Loud noises, unfamiliar places, strange smells, and large crowds can be very frightening to your pets.

Close up image of a brown colored sleeping puppies face

In these situations, they are at a greater risk of getting spooked and running away. Even if your dog is pretty chill and doesn’t usually seem afraid of crowds or noises, animals can be spooked when you least expect it. It is never a good idea to force them to be somewhere that makes them afraid or anxious.

Make a Safe Space

The safest place for your pet is at home in a closed, quiet, and familiar room. Provide a comfortable place to rest by putting out their soft bed, blanket, or crate, and turn on a TV, radio, or fan to provide white noise and help muffle loud sounds from outside. Give them their favorite toys to play with to distract them, and consider taking them for an extra-long walk during the day to burn off excess energy. Make sure they have lots of fresh water to drink, as they can pant excessively when nervous, and spoil them with a tasty treat made with calming ingredients.

If your dog is overly afraid of fireworks, have someone in the room to pet and soothe them when they are anxious. If your dog hides, don’t force them out of a safe space, ignore them, or scold them for their fearful behavior. They look to you for comfort and will be calmer if you are with them, acting like everything is okay.

Provide and Update Proper ID

Make sure your pets—both cats and dogs—have identification tags with your current information, including name, address, and telephone number. If your pet gets lost, this is his or her best chance at returning home!

And even with proper tags, which can get lost or removed, make sure your pet is microchipped, and that all your contact information is up to date with the microchip registry. Any pet that is found and taken to a shelter or veterinary facility will automatically be scanned for a microchip, so keeping your contact information current is vital to being reunited with your pet.

Keep Them Safe Outdoors

If you must be outside with your pets during your holiday festivities, be sure to have them securely on a leash. It’s also important to remember that too much sun and heat can be dangerous, even in a short amount of time. Keep them inside when it’s extremely hot or humid, make sure they have access to shade and fresh, plentiful water, and know the signs that a pet may be overheating. Do not leave pets alone outdoors, even if they are in a fenced yard. And never leave them tied up outside. Dogs will do anything to escape if they are frightened enough and can cause serious or even life-threatening injury to themselves

Again, the very best place for them to stay safe and calm is indoors, away from crowds and loud noises.

Be Aware of Hidden Dangers

Even if you don’t plan to be around any loud fireworks displays, many of the things you use to celebrate pose a serious danger to your pet. Glow jewelry, fireworks, matches, lighter fluid, citronella candles, insect repellents, and tiki torch products are dangerous to pets.

Ingestion or even skin exposure to these items can cause everything from irritation and allergic reactions to severe gastrointestinal distress to central nervous system depression or aspiration pneumonia. Pets can be very curious and play with or get into almost anything, so be vigilant to keep them safe.

Small white dog lounging on a black couch next to a bottle of cbdMD calming oil for dogs

Consider Calming CBD

Now that you know your furry friend will be safer and happier away from the festivities, you might also want to consider, “What can I give my dog to calm him down from fireworks?” You can try CBD for a little extra comfort and care if your dog is afraid of fireworks.

If you’ve used CBD yourself, or know someone who has, you are probably aware that many people find it helpful when dealing with stress themselves. But did you know CBD offers the same benefits to pets as well?

Small dog relaxing in the grass with a tub of cbdMD calming chews for dogs

The market abounds with CBD products for pets, and some are specifically made to promote calm, like Paw CBD Calming OIl Tincture or Paw CBD Calming Soft Chews. Both products are veterinarian-formulated with naturally soothing ingredients like melatonin and chamomile combined with Superior Broad Spectrum CBD to support a sense of calm and help manage signs of common daily stress. Paw CBD Calming Chews were even recognized as a Pet Business Magazine Top Product!

Paw CBD offers a full line of premium hemp-derived oil tinctures and chews – for both dogs and cats – that will help you keep your dog calm during fireworks.

NEW! Calm Canine Bundles

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Just in time for the Fourth of July, we've combined our top-selling Calming Oil and award-winning Calming Chews into two bundles sized just right for your fireworks-fearing friend. Available in small/medium or medium/large, our calming products can help when your pup needs a little extra soothing and care!

While Paw CBD Calming products are formulated for dogs, cats can benefit from CBD products, calming or otherwise, as well. If your kitty has noise aversion or is easily stressed out, feel free to try any of our Paw CBD products with them as well.


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