Can CBD Help With PTSD Treatment?

Can CBD Help With PTSD Treatment?

PTSD: Cannabidiol’s Biggest Takedown Yet?

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) is getting the spotlight due to recent research that shows its potential to treat and reduce issues associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The research basically indicates that, in findings, CBD reduces fear memory (which is at the heart of PTSD).

PTSD is a unique affliction and sufferers usually undergo a variety of treatments to find what works best for their particular situation and lifestyle. From anti-psychotics to cognitive therapy, the rise in PTSD is also causing a rise in medication use and medical assessments. PTSD is not a new disorder; it’s simply been talked about much more openly over the last several years. It’s great news for those afflicted with PTSD and their families and loved ones. More work by groups such as those involved with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs bring more awareness to the situation many face.

Unfortunately, for a lot of those who deal with PTSD (many of whom are veterans), these treatments are far too expensive or the waiting list to receive treatment under certain programs is far too long. Most recently, the new film “Thank You For Your Service”, starring Miles Teller and based on the book by David Finkel takes a look at this ‘clogged up care line’ issue. And with many issues in our past as a nation, it often takes the work of a creative culture to show a more real account of what’s happening to those who suffer PTSD.

Step Away from Heavy Medication

PTSD is real. And the issues and ailments that accompany this disorder can prevent a veteran or other PTSD sufferer from moving forward and living a full life. And this is exactly how cannabidiol is changing lives according to many users. It’s an accessible, easily taken compound with growing research behind it and with NO THC or psychoactive properties.

Whether CBD oil is the cure for PTSD sufferers or not, research still needs to be done in several areas of PTSD to promote understanding when it comes to this disorder. What is important, is that there are other options outside of heavy medical and pharmaceutical ones. The important matter at hand is helping anyone feel more balanced and well to lead a full, quality life. That’s our top priority at cbdMD with every product we create.

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