Retired NFL Greats Steve Smith Sr. and Jonathan Stewart recruited for cbdMD

Retired NFL Greats Steve Smith Sr. and Jonathan Stewart recruited for cbdMD

When NFL fans think of the Carolina Panthers, the first players likely to spring to mind are the franchise’s all-time leading rusher Jonathan Stewart and all-time leading receiver Steve Smith Sr.

Now, with their luminous athletic careers behind them, they join CBD-industry leader cbdMD as Team cbdMD athletes. But there’s more to the team-up than just business.

"For me, this is much more than just a partnership," Smith remarked. "Working with cbdMD has become a family affair, and those closest to me have seen what CBD can do firsthand.”

Smith also said that he hopes the partnership will help make the public more aware of CBD’s variety of properties and uses. Since signing the agreement, he’s taken his message to airwaves, most notably during the Freddie and Fitzsimmons Show on ESPN Radio.

For Stewart, cbdMD products have allowed the hard-hitting running back to live more comfortably in retirement.

“After the constant contact and injuries my body endured throughout my career in the NFL, cbdMD has been able to help me live a better quality of life during retirement, stay competitive with my golf game, and keep up with my little girl day in and day out," said Stewart.

Along with the formal announcement to the press, cbdMD released a video on YouTube and social media documenting the reunion between teammates during a light-hearted prank at the cbdMD laboratory in Charlotte, NC.

In retirement, both men continue to give back to their communities. The Steve Smith Foundation advocates family health wellness and works to prevent domestic violence. Jonathan Stewart owns and operates Charlotte Lately – a community platform connecting ventures, people, and businesses in the Charlotte area.