CBD is The Perfect Fit for Your Mommy Emergency Kit

CBD is The Perfect Fit for Your Mommy Emergency Kit

The Perfect Fit for Your Mommy Emergency Kit

Between packing lunches, providing fare-free taxi services, and maintaining the sheer survival of a gaggle of giggling kiddos, moms barely have time to stop and replenish their own fluids; let alone check social media to find blogs on how to improve their overall health. But we’re here to give a quick guide on how the fascinating new phenomenon of CBD oil could possibly help improve your everyday life.

Moms wear a handful of hats on a daily basis - teacher, principal, nurse, head chef - but sometimes they’re simply too busy to focus on themselves. We all know moms who selflessly sacrifice their own personal health just to maintain the hectic schedule of day to day life. But taking the time to add just a few precious personal moments can make a world of difference.

#1 Back Pain

Find yourself battling debilitating back pain? Being a constant personal jungle gym for your kids, pain and stiffness are bound to creep in. And we’re all too familiar with the risks involved with prescription painkillers and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. While their side effects list covers half a bottle, tinctures of all-natural organically processed CBD oil come essentially side-effect free and in easy-to-use droplet form that can provide relief from lingering inflammation and pain. There are case studies providing useful information on the potent potential of CBD oil to diminish pain due to body inflammation. The cannabinoids from CBD oil react with your bodies internal network to suppress inflammatory responses while relaxing muscles and easing muscular stiffness. By targeting cannabinoid receptors and the immune system, cannabinoids can provide immense pain relief through endocannabinoid receptors. Keep a bottle of cbdMD CBD oil tinctures in your mommy bag to help combat any of those pesky pop-up back spasms.

#2 Migraines

Migraines making daily chores a, well, chore? Roughly 14% of the public, including a 3:1 female:male ratio suffer from migraines. As a single, working, or studying mom, ain’t nobody got time for that! That’s why adding a couple drops of CBD oil to your daily routine could possibly help alleviate those painful symptoms. Studies continue to compile in support of CBD as an anti-inflammatory and migraine pain suppressant. Migraines debilitate by targeting specific brain receptors while CBD packs the power to desensitize those same receptors and help combat pain signals from reaching their targets. These same studies suggest CBD can be a healthy, safe alternative to other harmful forms of pain relievers. By using preventive measures and taking CBD oil as part of a daily routine, you’ll be able to more fully enjoy the relentless echo of that perpetual Kicking & Screaming.

#3 Shhhh…..PMS

Persistent PMS symptoms preventing you from providing your best possible mommy services? The thankless job of being a mom never ends and “vacation day” is not part of your vocab. That’s why the sometimes severe symptoms associated with PMS simply must be avoided at all costs; which can be accomplished with the addition of CBD oil into your diet. Aside from pain relief, increased nausea and loss of appetite while menstruating are common among women and implementing CBD oil can help possibly alleviate these symptoms by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Studies have shown that CBD could possibly suppress vomiting while displaying antiemetic effects by working with cannabinoid receptors within the body.

#4 Anxiety

But above all else, sometimes mommy just needs a little relaxing alone time. Whether you're a seasoned veteran mother of four, new to childhood, or even the matriarch of a couple furbabies, all mothers need time to unwind from the daily trials and tribulations of child care. Insert large glass of wine and calming bubble bath here. And what better way to promote stress relief and anxiety alleviation than to add a CBD bath bomb to that necessary nightly ritual. Recent studies suggest there is a direct correlation between CBD and anxiety as CBD acts directly on the limbic and paralimbic systems of the brain assisting in reducing anxiety without any of the high-inducing effects of THC. Since CBD contains trace amounts of THC, under 0.3%, it has been deemed safe to use on a daily basis to promote improved anxiety relief. While the daytime may cause stress and anxiety in anticipation of the oncoming onslaught of activities, you can use the nighttime to relax and revitalize with our new Signature Collection of CBD Bath Bombs.

Now moms, we won’t claim to understand the daily struggle of motherhood, but we can at least sympathize with you. And while no mother willing asks for help, we here at cbdMD want to help promote a healthy lifestyle and alternative to pharmaceutical medicines by providing useful background information on the importance of adding CBD to your everyday life. It can possibly provide loads of relief while you load the laundry and provide healthy benefits while you pack healthy lunches. Thanks for all that you do, mom!