What Is Sugar Scrub Used for? A Buyer’s Guide on Exfoliating Scrub

What Is Sugar Scrub Used for? A Buyer’s Guide on Exfoliating Scrub

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your skin is to use an exfoliating scrub. Sugar scrubs are one of the best (if not the very best) forms of exfoliation available. You may be wondering what a sugar scrub is useful for and how to use one. Don’t worry – the “science” behind it is simple, and we’ll cover all you need to know today to get the best sugar scrub for your skin and use it to unleash your skin’s inner beauty.

A Few Key Points We’ll Cover for You Today:


  • What is a sugar scrub?
  • What is a sugar scrub used for?
  • What makes a sugar scrub better?
  • How sugar scrub works with CBD
  • Tips for getting the most out of your sugar scrub routine
  • And finally, some great product recommendations


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What Is a Sugar Scrub?

A sugar scrub sounds more like something you’d use to make a delicious batch of cookies than to buff up your skin. But did you know sugar is just as helpful in your beauty care routine as it is in the kitchen? (And it won’t go straight to your thighs.) 

Let’s talk about the beauty-enhancing sugar scrub and how it helps you look your best by exfoliating the skin.

What Is a Sugar Scrub Used For?

Before we get into any helpful tips or information, we first must answer the question, “what is sugar scrub used for?”

Sugar scrubs help us bring the benefits of exfoliating to our skin, both on our faces and body. It combines the abrasive action of an exfoliator with other helpful ingredients that soothe your skin and stimulate your skin’s natural healing process. Sugar scrubs and other exfoliating scrubs are used to polish and beautify the skin.

Benefits of Using a Scrub for Your Face and Body


  • Speeds up cell turnover: Your skin has a cycle of producing younger, healthy, new cells, pressing them toward the surface of your skin, and then shedding the older skin cells to make way for new ones. This is referred to as turnover. As we get older, our skin’s natural cell turnover process slows down, which makes our skin appear duller and “tired-looking.” Exfoliation helps speed, rejuvenate, and kickstart that natural cell-turnover process, unveiling a more polished version of your skin.
  • Unleashes your skin’s hidden beauty: As the cell turnover speeds up, more youthful, radiant skin is the result.
  • Stimulates the formation of collagen: Collagen is the skin’s natural healer, and it gives our skin a plump, youthful look. Collagen repairs the skin and keeps it vibrant and functional. As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen, which leads to wrinkles and dull, lifeless looking skin. To “trick” the skin into creating more collagen, we use a scrub to gently offer micro-damage to the skin with physical friction that stimulates the skin to kick collagen production into high gear. The result is more plump and youthful-looking skin.
  • Opens the door for other nourishing ingredients: Imagine trying to go through a door, and there are dozens and dozens of closed doors, rather than just one. Now imagine all those extra doors are removed, and the only door remaining is standing partially open. It is much easier for you to swing that door open and walk right through, right?


Well, all those nasty dead skin cells pile up like layers on your skin, preventing other helpful ingredients from your skin care from getting in there and nourishing your skin. Scrubs remove those extra “doors,” helping to slough away congestion in the skin and allowing those nourishing ingredients to soothe and pamper your skin better, things like moisturizers and serums.


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What Makes a Sugar Scrub Better?

We mentioned that an exfoliating scrub causes an abrasive stimulation of the skin, which stimulates collagen production. But how much stimulation from an exfoliator is too much? Could it be that your regular exfoliating scrub is causing more harm than good? The answer is yes. This is why we opt for sugar scrubs over other types of exfoliating scrub. It gets the job done without being too abrasive or damaging to the skin.

Types of Exfoliating Scrub

There are many different types of scrubs for your body and face. While some may be okay to use on tougher skin like your feet or hands, they may be too abrasive for other areas, especially the more delicate facial skin. 

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of exfoliators:

Chemical Exfoliants

Chemical exfoliants cause abrasion on the skin a little differently, through a chemical reaction rather than a physical “rubbing” of the skin. Many of these ingredients are preferred in skin care and give the skin that natural glow by their exfoliation properties. This is why many products containing these ingredients will warn against the potential issues those with sensitive skin may have and prolonged sun exposure while using them. Because of the exfoliation they do, it exposes the younger, healthier skin cells and potentially makes the skin a bit more tender and sensitive.


  • Glycolic Acid (AHA)
  • Salicylic Acid (BHA)
  • Fruit Enzymes
  • Lactic Acid (AHA)


Exfoliation Tools

These should always be used sparingly, as it is so easy to cause damage to your skin without realizing it. Micro scrapes, cuts, and tears can actually do more harm than good. It’s wise to discuss the use of any exfoliation tools with your dermatologist and use them with caution. This includes regular cleansing brushes – you’ll want to be sure to use one gentle enough for your skin. If you use a washcloth or other cleansing cloth for your face, be sure the fibers are gentle enough for facial use.


It’s also important to use any tools you purchase, as the packaging instructions indicate.


  • Scraping blades
  • Cleansing brushes
  • Washcloth, body pouf, or loofah
  • Pumice
  • Amopé or other battery-operated exfoliators


Physical Exfoliants


  • Exfoliating scrubs with dissolvable scrub particles with crystals like salt or sugar or dissolvable microbeads
  • Exfoliating scrubs with non-dissolvable scrub particles like ground-up walnut shells, pumice, or oatmeal


The safest and most healthy option among the non-chemical varieties of exfoliating scrub is the dissolvable ones using the most gentle, smallest, and uniform particles – which brings us to the cream of the crop: the sugar scrub.

The Benefits of Using a Sugar Scrub

Sugar is a preferred exfoliation medium because the particles are small in size, uniformly shaped, and dissolve away after a brief time of exfoliation on your skin. This keeps your skin from enduring too much abrasion and gives a short window of exfoliation optimal for most skin types. 

Sugar is also less likely to cause skin reactions or sensitivities than other exfoliant particles like microbeads which could contain chemicals or ground-up shells from various sources like coconut husk or walnuts, ground fruit pits, or seeds. These ground-up particles are larger than sugar, rough around the edges, which could harm your skin, and remain intact throughout scrubbing. This means you could actually do more harm to your skin than good if you are using a non-dissolvable exfoliation particle.

A note on salt scrubs: While salt scrubs are common, the salt granules are larger than sugar and can be too abrasive for the face. They are more commonly found in body scrubs and paired with an emollient oil for the best body exfoliation. These types of scrubs are great to use before shaving for a nice, clean shave. However, sugar scrubs are more gentle and can do the same for your skin but with less micro-abrasion.


How a Sugar Scrub Works with CBD

Because we are a CBD company, we incorporate all we know about skin care like sugar scrubs, exfoliants in general (whether face exfoliator or body exfoliator), and apply it to what we do best. We don’t simply want to teach you how to exfoliate the face and body and how to perfect your at-home beauty routine, but we want to improve it with the benefits of CBD.

We think that combining the best of skin care with the best beneficial ingredients, including CBD, botanicals, essential oils, and other beautifying ingredients, is the best way to deliver your most beautiful and glowing skin. We are all about health and wellness here, and we know that your skin, the largest organ in your entire body, is a big player in that field. You can’t simply take care of your body from the inside out – while yes, that’s great! – you also need to nourish your outside as well. 

We know that sugar scrubs do wonders for your skin but did you know they also prepare your skin for CBD and all the benefits that it has to offer? Let’s take a look at how sugar scrubs work with CBD to beautify your skin.

Prepping Your Skin for CBD

Use your sugar scrub as directed, and then apply your favorite CBD moisturizer or CBD serum. All of the benefits of CBD are even more available to you because you have “opened the door” for them to do their best work.

Make sure to fully rinse off the facial or body scrub you are using before applying your CBD skin care favorites. If you are using our CBD exfoliants and then our CBD moisturizers, know that our botanicals line is designed to be used as a standalone product or as a selection of products used in a routine. We know that layering CBD with multiple products gives you even better results. 

Therefore, if you use a different brand of exfoliator, you may have to cleanse away residual oils from the skin that may block the CBD from absorbing as well. This could mean you get less benefit from the scrub you are using and the CBD cream you use afterward. Using both our CBD scrubs and our other CBD products together means you will get greater benefits from both. We have designed our products so that you can use our CBD products and skin care options together and create your perfect combination for your lifestyle.

This is, of course, for optimal use and best results, but not to scare you away from using your favorite products in addition to your favorite cbdMD Botanicals products as well.

CBD Benefits for the Skin


  • Works with your skin’s endocannabinoid receptors for targeted results
  • Soothing relief and moisturizing for the skin
  • Calming and balancing for the skin


Tips for Your Sugar Scrub Routine

To get the most out of using a sugar scrub or any other exfoliator, you need to follow the packaging instructions for your product. But here are some general tips for using a sugar scrub in your skin care routine.

How Often You Should Use a Sugar Scrub

Now that we’ve answered “what is sugar scrub used for,” let’s talk about how to use them, particularly how often and how you should use your sugar scrub.

Using a Sugar Scrub in Your Beauty Routine

It is recommended to use any exfoliation scrubs as often as your skin type can handle but not more often than that. This would be once a week up to four times a week, depending on skin type. Use your regular cleanser, then your exfoliator, then toner, then any kind of serum. The last step is your moisturizer or cream.

Be very gentle with the skin. After your cleanser, use a clean popsicle stick or small spoon to extract the exfoliator (for tubs) or squirt a little into your hand (if using a tube). Apply with the fingertips and use small circular motions to exfoliate the skin. Avoid the eye area. Exfoliate for 30 to 45 seconds, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry. 

If you are exfoliating in the bath or shower, it is much easier to rinse off, but you’ll want to do it towards the end of your bath so you can shave your skin while the residual oils absorb into your skin. You may not even have to use your regular shaving cream! Many people report their best shaves ever occur after a good exfoliation.

Frequency of Use for a Sugar Exfoliating Scrub

Please note that more abrasive scrubs than sugar scrubs may need to be used less frequently.

For normal skin types: Use a sugar exfoliant scrub two or three times a week.

For aging or mature skin: Use a sugar exfoliant scrub two or three times a week. If your skin handles an exfoliant well, you may want to use it four times a week or every other day to help stimulate the needed extra collagen.

For more oil-prone skin types: Using a sugar exfoliant scrub three or four times a week is plenty. You may find advice on the internet that says you can use it every day, but we caution against this. Anything more could stimulate more production of sebum. The trick is to keep the skin clear, exfoliate and wash away skin congestion and extra skin cells, which can compact more on oilier skin types but not overdo it and cause more oil production. As with aging skin types, you may opt for an every-other-day routine to find that happy medium for your skin.

For drier skin types: Use a sugar scrub two or three times a week. Make sure to follow with a good moisturizer as this is the best time for emollient and nutrient absorption.

For more sensitive skin types: Use a sugar scrub once a week. Do a patch test on the elbow's interior or a small space along the jawline to see how your skin responds to the product. We sensitive types are all too familiar with that red-faced ring when a product angers our face. Best to err on the side of caution and test out the new product on a smaller area first.

Choose a skin scrub that is gentle enough for your skin and contains other ingredients you need for your skin type. You should use a more coarse scrub for your body and a less rough scrub for your facial exfoliation. For oilier skin types, be sure to use a sugar scrub that contains non-comedogenic emollients and oils. 


cbdMD facial exfoliant


Sugar Scrubs and Exfoliants with CBD

Here are a few product recommendations for sugar scrubs that also have the wonders of CBD:


CBD Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

This unique facial exfoliant provides the benefits of a facial scrub with the benefits of CBD in your skin care, all while also delivering some pretty power-packed nourishment for your skin.

Here are just a few of the skin-pampering ingredients in our Perfect Polish CBD Facial Exfoliant: 


  • Hemp extract: With cannabidiol, cannabigerol, and cannabinol
  • Stone-ground rice flour: Lifts away dead skin cells
  • Coconut oil: For deep hydration
  • Avocado oil: Seals in moisture
  • Aloe vera: Soothing to the skin
  • Other soothing oils: Safflower oil, Moroccan argan oil, and apricot oil
  • Essential oils: Orange essential oil, grapefruit essential oil


Body Sugar

Our premium CBD Body Sugar scrub is a new product we have to offer you for a full-body exfoliation experience that feels more like a spa day than run-of-the-mill skin care. It’s the pampering “chore” you’ll find yourself looking forward to each time.

It comes in three irresistible formulas (with 250 mg of Superior Broad Spectrum/THC-free* CBD):



All our Body Sugar scrubs feature coconut oil, sugar, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, argan kernel oil, and select essential oils for a natural scent you will love. The formula is so gentle that you can use it every day on most skin types, unlike most sugar scrubs!


cbdMD botanicals CBD body sugar

Using a Sugar Scrub Unleashes Your Skin’s Beauty

We hope these tips and this information on what a sugar scrub is used for will help you choose and use the best one for your skin. 

We’ve answered:


  • What is sugar scrub used for?
  • What are the different kinds of exfoliating scrub?
  • How can you get the best from a sugar scrub?
  • How can a sugar scrub work with CBD for your best skin?


Now let’s keep the conversation going, shall we? You can visit our website and chat with a professional or contact us with your questions. You can join our Twitter or Facebook communities and share your experiences or ask questions. And you can follow our blog for more helpful CBD skin care tips.

* THC-free refers to traces/non-detectable levels of THC in the Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula.


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