Is It So Simple – Why Use CBD for Chronic Pain?

Is It So Simple – Why Use CBD for Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a common issue within the health community with several million people having to tolerate extreme discomfort every day. Many have resorted to prescription and synthetic painkillers just to get through normal activities which have led to an unwanted dependency.

The appeal of using CBD for chronic pain instead of traditional pain medication lies in its non-addictive properties.

Other herbal-based alternatives such as frankincense and turmeric had become useful as natural pain remedies long ago, and CBD also shares a long and reliable history of soothing a wide range of painful sensations.

Managing Chronic Pain with CBD

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Through scientific research, people are becoming more aware of the valuable characteristics of CBD oil for pain.

CBD compounds attach to the CB2 receptors that partly makes up the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in each of our bodies. When these receptors become activated, they essentially initiate biochemical pathways that alleviate the pain.

And unlike THC, CBD doesn’t contain any intoxicating elements that cause any associated “high.” In order to be considered useable in accordance with the newly-passed 2018 Farm Bill, CBD must be derived from industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC.

Rather than focusing more on brain interaction and inducing a high, CBD works directly with naturally-present bodily systems to emit beneficial effects.

As CBD continues to become a mainstream alternative for pain, take a look at a few fundamental reasons why you can use CBD for chronic pain:

Relaxation and Lower Hypersensitivity


Relaxed muscles allow for much smoother movement; if you typically experience pain from overexertion, CBD may be beneficial before or after a workout along with proper stretching and warm-ups.

Health professionals often connect a low tolerance of pain to a deficiency within our ECS – a hypersensitivity to pain can also lead to other complications involving mood or sleep.

But with CBD oil products, our ECS receives a boost of cannabinoids that may reduce heightened sensitivity to pain.

When CBD is introduced into the body in a variety of ways, you are able to more naturally reduce pain.

Not to mention the fact that you can be confident in your CBD purchase confident in the fact that there are little to no side effects, much less than the high-dependency rates of prescription pain medicines.

Sleep, Mood, Stress

For people with chronic pain, the nerves are consistently on fight-or-flight mode which makes falling asleep an extreme challenge. CBD emits neuroprotective capabilities that may promote rest, enhance sleep, and promote pain relief.

Being in pain day in and day out would cause anyone to be in an unpleasant mood at any given time – not to mention intense feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed.

However, along with relieving pain signals, CBD can initiate the release of serotonin and other pleasurable biochemicals that may uplift emotions and generate peaceful and calming sensations.

Taking CBD for chronic pain presents a plethora of positive benefits for pain management, which can result in relieving the complications that come along with sleeplessness.

Non-intoxicating and Anti-inflammatory

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While CBD does come from Cannabis sativa, several retail CBD products do not contain the intoxicating ingredients that produce the infamous “high.”

In fact, the THC content must be less than 0.3% for any legal CBD product.

Chronic pain may be followed with chronic inflammation due to tissue damage, but daily use of CBD may provide repair in the long-run without causing any side effects. CBD oil can be used to combat pain symptoms while working naturally with the body to start reducing inflammation.

With no psychoactive effects, CBD is safe enough to take on a daily basis and strong enough to potentially help with a slew of neuropathic pain issues.

CBD Oil for Pain Options

As the industry continues to grow, more options are becoming available for consumers.

You can easily add CBD to your daily, healthcare regimen no matter what method you prefer. Several products are available that allows you to apply CBD topically or ingested with capsules or tincture drops.

If you aren’t entirely comfortable with pills, you may enjoy vaping CBD oil for much quicker relief. You can’t go wrong either way – just be sure to consult your health professional before switching up or changing your care routine.

Continued research suggests that we are just beginning to scratch the surface of health benefits with CBD Oil. Even though we are in the beginning stages of the CBD industry, the horizon is bright.

Take the time to do your research and discover the numerous benefits of CBD oil. Hemp plants have the power to change the way we approach our overall health.

The power of botanicals is quickly going from controversial alternatives to mainstream acceptance. And that’s a positive trend we can get behind.

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