CBD Treats

CBD Treats

  1. 150 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Treats 150 mg
    CBD Treats
  2. 300 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Treats 300 mg
    CBD Treats
  3. 600 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Treats 600 mg
    CBD Treats

USA Hemp


Third-Party Lab Tested


Superior Broad Spectrum

CBD Dog Treats

Want to give your best friends some natural relief and wholesome goodness? Our CBD Dog Treats provide your furry friends with all the properties of CBD inside a tasty treat made without any unnecessary additives – all without THC.

Properties of CBD Dog Treats

Our CBD Dog Treats are made with Broad-Spectrum CBD oil that comes from hemp grown right here in the U.S. Skip the extra step of mixing CBD with your dog’s food or having to place drops directly into their mouth – just toss a treat and they’ll be begging for more!

CBD Dog Treats Application

Each treat contains a varying concentration of CBD, so you can tailor your pet’s daily regimen to their needs. Depending on size, shape, and other factors, each pet will respond differently to a measurement of CBD. It’s best to start with a lower amount and add more if needed.