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cbdMD Signature Shirt

cbdMD Signature Shirt

cbdMD Freestyle Vintage Shirt

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  • Vintage Shirt, White Logo
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Gray

cbdMD Freestyle Vintage Shirt

Going out on the town? Working in the yard? Lounging around on the couch? Wouldn’t it be great to have one shirt you could wear for all of those things? Well look no further! The cbdMD Freestyle Vintage Shirt is the perfect blend of style and comfort to fit whatever your day has in store. Life is full of tough decisions, but choosing a shirt shouldn’t be one of them.

Why Rep cbdMD?

Your clothes say a lot about you. And when you’re repping cbdMD, what they say about you is “I’m relaxed, happy, and in control.” So go pick out a shirt, a hat, and a pack of stickers, and be the person your clothes want you to be. Be a part of Team cbdMD.

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