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cbdMD Freestyle Vintage Shirt

cbdMD Freestyle Vintage Shirt

cbdMD Signature Shirt - Blue Logo - Medium

  • Signature Shirt, Blue Logo
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Black
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cbdMD Signature Shirt

Imagine: You’re spending a sunny Saturday with your friends when one of them suddenly yells, ‘T-shirt time!” And that’s when it hits you – you don’t own any t-shirts. So what do you do? Do you keep wearing a collared shirt? Do you go home and cry? No! You pull out your phone and immediately order a cbdMD Signature Shirt. Now you’ll never be caught off guard again.

Why Rep cbdMD?

Your clothes say a lot about you. And when you’re repping cbdMD, what they say about you is “I’m relaxed, happy, and in control.” So go pick out a shirt, a hat, and a pack of stickers, and be the person your clothes want you to be. Be a part of Team cbdMD.



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"THC-free"* means THC levels are too low to be detected by standard scientific instruments.
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