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cbdMD Decal Sticker Kit

cbdMD Decal Sticker Kit

cbdMD Swag Pro Bundle

  • One cbdMD koozie
  • Four cbdMD stickers
  • One custom cbdMD Drawstring Bag
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cbdMD Swag Pro Bundle

Having to carry around your cbdMD swag all day can really make daily life difficult, but now you can go hands free thanks to the cbdMD Swag Pro Bundle! Each Swag Pro Bundle includes:

  • A cbdMD koozie to hold a drink in your suddenly free hands.
  • Four cbdMD stickers to personalize your favorite items.
  • A custom cbdMD Drawstring Bag to put it all in and keep your hands free to reach for another CBD gummy!

Why Rep cbdMD?

Your clothes say a lot about you. And when you’re repping cbdMD, what they say about you is “I’m relaxed, happy, and in control.” So go pick out a shirt, a hat, and a pack of stickers, and be the person your clothes want you to be. Be a part of Team cbdMD.



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"THC-free"* means THC levels are too low to be detected by standard scientific instruments.
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