Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Overview

Over 3 million people, from age 3 to 60+, report cases of chronic pain each year in the United States. Medical experts describe chronic pains as complex opposed to acute pain in which treatment targets the source of affliction. Symptoms are usually persistent pain lasting days or even years in various areas - back, neck, face, joints, mouth, bones, etc.

Physicians typically prescribe painkillers for people dealing with chronic pain; however, conventional medications only offer temporary relief of discomfort. Patients and doctors have also expressed the inefficacy, toxicity and risk, and excessive costs of these prescriptions which have led to the search of other beneficial aids.

Potential of CBD

CBD is quickly becoming a more attractive alternative to painkillers with people fighting against chronic pain. Clinical research has supported the potential benefits of CBD as an actual treatment for chronic pain instead of a suppressor like many painkillers. Studies show how just even a small concentration of CBD alleviates stiffness and relaxes muscles. Other evidence demonstrates properties of CBD that induces calmness and sleep and provides effective relief of sleeplessness due to pain.

Case Developments

A recent analytic trial concluded that just 5 mg of CBD daily reduced the progression of inflammatory pain thanks to cannabinoid stimulation within the body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates the response of cellular pathways to pain caused by inflammation. Another study links chronic pain to approximately 60% of people struggling with depression and an increase of positive outcomes from those using CBD to manage both their depression and chronic pain.