cbdMD Merch Bundles

cbdMD Merch Bundles

  1. cbdMD Swag Pro Bundle
    cbdMD Swag Pro Bundle
    cbdMD Merch Bundles
  2. cbdMD Decal Sticker Kit
    cbdMD Decal Sticker Kit
    cbdMD Merch Bundles

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cbdMD Merchandise

After countless comments on the gram, we’re finally giving in – cbdMD merch is here! Whether you’re trying to stay warm, look cool, or block out the sun (and the haters), we’ve got everything you need to rep the greatest CBD company on planet earth. And just like our superior CBD products for sale, all of our merch is completely THC-free!

Our ever-growing list of ways to advertise your love for cbdMD includes the following CBD merchandise:

  • CBD shirts: Enjoy casual comfort with our stylin’ cbdMD logo for every T-shirt wearing occasion. Available in our original blue-on-black signature design or a more monochromatic freestyle vintage look. Which CBD shirt to buy? Why not both?
  • CBD hats: Keep the sun out of your eyes, keep your head warm, or hide your bald spot with our baseball-style CBD hats. Choose from our classic curve-beaked “dad hat” – you don’t have to be a dad to wear it! Or our flat-billed CBD hat that you’ve seen on some of the world’s coolest humans.
  • CBD stickers: If being restricted to shirts and hats for your CBD repping cramps your freedom, get a cbdMD sticker kit and slap our logo on any darn thing you want. It comes with a koozie to wrap around your favorite beverage while you’re stickering. Or get it all in our custom pro bundle with a cbdMD-branded drawstring bag!

Why Would You Do This?

cbdMD isn’t some corporate behemoth that can blanket the media with our message. We’re here to make high-quality products and let the results set us apart from the pack. That’s why we rely on you, fellow CBD community members, to let the world know how much you love our stuff.

Put on a CBD shirt, CBD hat, or CBD sticker and you may find that other people will be full of curiosity, after telling how great you look, about CBD and why you’d choose cbdMD’s CBD products over all the others out there.

Of course, you don’t have to tell them all about our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula, drawn strictly from non-GMO American hemp and tested at a third-party, ISO-certified lab. And you don’t have to tell them about our terrific customer service team or our awesome 60-day money-back guarantee. But if you do, we aren’t complaining!