#1 Trusted Brand for CBD

At cbdMD, we are committed to excellence in everything we do and everything we make. This all starts with hemp grown right here in the U.S., crafted with quality and care.

We thoroughly test each and every product at various stages of production, all before they make it to your doorstep to ensure complete peace of mind. We know that your health and wellness is a vital part of your everyday routine, which is why we continue to focus on product innovation and quality assurance to further solidify cbdMD as the #1 trusted brand for all things CBD.

We don’t just claim to be the most chosen brand in CBD. In 2020, two cbdMD offerings were awarded Product of the Year based on an independent survey conducted by Kantar. 40,000 consumers – just like you – chose CBD PM and CBD Freeze as their top products for CBD for Sleep Aids and CBD Topicals, respectively. At cbdMD, we don’t just claim to be a trusted source. We put in the time, technology, and passion to bring alternative wellness options right to you, when you need them most.

Our Superior Broad Spectrum formula offers a wide variety of pet-friendly benefits:
  • Support sense of calm
  • Manage signs of common daily stress
  • Complement everyday wellness routine
  • Always tested to be THC-free*

Why cbdMD

While millions trust us to deliver a superior CBD product each and every time, we don’t take that for granted.

We have committed to the most exacting third-party testing in ISO-certified labs and have been given certifications for the highest manufacturing standards. Our Superior Broad Spectrum Formula is developed to ensure that each and every product is precisely what you pay for every single time.

  • 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Extensive third-party testing by ISO-certified lab
  • 24 Hour, World-class customer service
  • Formulated and tested to be THC-free*
  • Superior Broad Spectrum process preserves valuable cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Hemp extracts from USA hemp
  • Free 2-3 day shipping

What Our Customers
Are Saying

“Using this CBD Freeze 2 or 3 times a day along with CBD tinctures has helped me to NOT take Ibuprofen very often. I have painful tendons…neck, shoulders, arms.”
- Patrick

“I’ve never tried CBD Softgel Capsules before this and now I’ll be hard-pressed to go a day without one! These are a perfect little punch of anxiety relief any time of the day. Kick in quickly and make me breathe easier for hours.”
- Aleah

“CBD Capsules are AMAZING! I have chronic pain and a high anxiety level and these pills have honestly changed my life. I’m ordering these in bulk now because if I take them every hour. Just try it - you won’t be sorry.”
- Nora


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