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CBD produced in the United States is far superior to the lower quality extracts imported from overseas. With lenient regulations in foreign countries like Europe and China, cbdMD urges you to take the time to properly educate yourself before buying any CBD products. cbdMD sources its CBD from the highest quality strains selected for premium CBD content. With the industry's most innovative extraction techniques, we guarantee the highest quality CBD available!

100% gluten-free CBD oil. Contains absolutely no wheat, barley, rye, or variant grains. Completely safe for coeliac consumers.

CBD oil made from all-natural ingredients. Contains no genetically modified (GMO) compounds. Third-party verified.

Member of Kentucky's Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Plants are grown and harvested with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Better quality than imported extracts.

100% ingredients are organic. Contains no synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Uses no growth-promoting antibiotics.

Uses or contains no animal products. Approved for a 100% herbivore diet. Reduces ecological footprint.

Preserves valuable terpenes and other beneficial compounds. Uses CO2 extraction to produce the highest quality CBD in the industry. Ensures "entourage effect" with each dose.

Mission Statement
At cbdMD, we combine premium quality and innovation to offer the purest CBD available on the market. We test our broad-spectrum CBD extractions through independent, third-party laboratories to guarantee the highest of standards. cbdMD is committed to providing the best in CBD; we stand behind the quality of our products by offering an easy-to-use service, free shipping, satisfaction guarantees, and US-based customer service.