Our Mission

Here at cbdMD, we pride ourselves on two things: quality & innovation.

Our goal has always been to produce the industry's absolute highest quality CBD while using the most state-of-the-art growing and extraction techniques.

Take the highest quality hemp, combined with the industry's most sophisticated extraction methods, and it's obvious why our CBD oil is the first choice for medical practitioners, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, health stores, and nutritionists alike.

From seed to shelf, we demand the highest level of care throughout the plant’s entire life cycle.

Planting Our Roots

Prior to finding the perfect locations to set our roots, we visited 3 continents, 14 countries, and 8 states. With some of the world's most unique soil composition and a near-perfect climate for year-round growing, Kentucky was an easy choice. Fed by the waters of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, Kentucky produces some of the most nutrient-rich soil on the planet.

Quality Control

When it comes to your health, never sacrifice quality.

There's a huge difference in CBD produced in the United States compared to CBD produced overseas in Europe and China. We spare no expense when it comes to the quality of our CBD - our commitment to provide premium quality CBD manufactured domestically in the US is how we put the MD in cbdMD. We guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back. You have one body, treat it well.

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USA Organically Grown

THC Free

Third Party Lab Tested


Broad-Spectrum CBD