Bubba Watson
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Bubba Watson

Pro Golfer
  • 40
  • Bagdad, Florida
  • November 5, 1978
  • Bubba

One of the most widely recognized golfers in the world for his pink driver, unique style, and blistering drives, Bubba Watson has come a long way from slapping wiffle balls around his parents’ house in Bagdad, Florida.

Unlike most golfers, Watson is self-taught, which has allowed him to pioneer a highly recognizable brand of golf focused on long drives with plenty of break one way or the other that he eventually dubbed “BubbaGolf.”

With this personalized, aggressive style, Watson’s reputation grew throughout middle and high school, eventually earning himself a scholarship to the University of Georgia, where he won an SEC championship in 2000.

After turning pro and joining the PGA tour, Watson’s success has continued as he has gone on to amass 12 total tour wins, including two green jackets from The Masters.

In addition to his Tour success, Watson has a wife and two children and recently opened a candy store in Pensacola, Florida named “Bubba’s Sweet Shop” where his mother, Molly, frequently works behind the counter.

Bubba Watson

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Bubba Watson
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