Flex Lewis
Flex Lewis

James Lewis

Champion Bodybuilder
  • 35
  • Llanelli, Wales
  • November 15, 1983
  • Flex

Hailing from Wales in the U.K., James “Flex” Lewis became interested in bodybuilding at the age of 12 after coming across a book about champion bodybuilder, Tom Platz. After this, he began training at home with a simple pair of weights. It wouldn’t be for another three years before Lewis set foot in a gym when he needed to bulk up for rugby.

It was at the gym that Lewis soon crossed paths with a local bodybuilder who recognized his potential and offered to help him train. Just a year later at the age of 19, Lewis won his very first bodybuilding competition. It was during this first competition that Lewis ran into Pro Bodybuilder, Neil Hill, who introduced him to the Y3T training method.

This training approach involves cycling repetition ranges, weight, training frequency, and other elements which keep the muscles stimulated and continually growing. In the offseason, Lewis trains six days a week, anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours. His diet consists of lean proteins, green vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.

Lewis is known all around the world for his immaculate physique and is the winner of seven Olympia 212 titles.

Flex Lewis

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Flex Lewis
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