Josh Sheehan
Josh Sheehan

Josh Sheehan

  • 33
  • Donnybrook, Australia
  • February 27, 1986
  • The Unicorn

Growing up on the family farm in Donnybrook, two hours south of Perth, Australia, Josh Sheehan has lived an active life with a passion for dirt bikes, cars, and extreme sports. Sheehan got his first bike when he was 14, and hasn’t looked back since.

Sheehan made a huge impact at the Night of the Jumps World Championships with six straight wins and then entered Red Bull X-Fighters. After winning the home-nation round of Sydney in 2011, Sheehan had stamped his authority as one of the best riders in the world.

A 10x X Games medalist, Sheehan is currently the only rider who consistently performs the Double Backflip. He recently made history by landing the first-ever Triple Backflip on a motorbike. Along with an array of visually effortless flip combos and technical tricks, Sheehan remains a vital part of the small group of riders who continue to push the innovation of FMX.

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