Quinton Jackson
Quinton Jackson

Quinton Jackson

MMA Fighter
  • 41
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • June 20, 1978
  • Rampage

A true triple-threat, Jackson is a skilled mixed martial artist, actor, and professional wrestler. A former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jackson achieved notoriety in Japan thanks to his unique personality and extreme fighting style. He’s a large part of the reason MMA is as popular as it is today.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1978, Jackson discovered a love of wrestling in high school. He originally intended to pursue wrestling professionally but, after discovering Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), moved to Vegas where he began training with Lewis Rumble.

As a new fighter on the scene, he quickly built up an impressive record of 10 wins and 1 loss, and became known for his ability to pick up and slam opponents onto the mat.

His professional MMA career began in 2001 with Japan’s Pride Fighting Championships, where he was very successful. After returning to the states in 2006, Jackson signed a multi-fight deal with the World Fighting Alliance, which became UFC shortly thereafter.

In his time at UFC, Jackson dominated the competition and was considered one of the early superstars of the sport. He is now signed with Bellator MMA.

Quinton Jackson

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Quinton Rampage Jackson
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