Why Join cbdMD's AutoShip & Save?

By joining cbdMD’s AutoShip program, you’ll get instant savings on our best CBD products delivered directly to your door at a fraction of the cost. From the products page, select the “AutoShip & Save” option and choose your subscription frequency:

    • Every two weeks
    • Every month
    • Every two months

No more pesky checkouts, waiting to resupply, or missing out on savings. By choosing to subscribe, you’ll unlock extra savings and receive your premium CBD at a fraction of the price.

  1. Save 30% on your initial AutoShip purchase!
  2. Save 10% on all other AutoShip & Save purchases.
  3. Fast and free scheduled delivery.
  4. 60-day money-back guarantee.

How Does It Work?

First, create a customer account on cbdMD.com. From the products page, select the “AutoShip & Save” checkbox when choosing a product, and you’ll automatically save 30%! Choose the frequency of your subscription: every two weeks, once a month, or every two months. We’ll ship your desired products directly to your front door with fast, free shipping.

You must create an account or log-in to explore these options; we’ll continue to ship your favorite CBD products right to you. Your autoship purchases will be sent to you based on your desired frequency with an option to cancel or suspend your subscription at any time.


Place your order by selecting either two weeks, one month, or two months from the “AutoShip & Save” drop-down, and we’ll ship your products directly to you. Our 2-3 day shipping is free for all AutoShip orders. No hidden fees, no waiting in line, no hassle.

Subscription Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of all our products with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Our dedicated customer service team is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any of your questions, comments, and concerns.