CBD for Sleep: Get Better Rest This Holiday Season

CBD for Sleep: Get Better Rest This Holiday Season

The holidays can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle, even with our best efforts to unwind and turn off all the blue-light gadgets before bed. Supplements like melatonin or CBD oil products for better sleep can help us get through the holiday season.

We need all the endurance we can to get through the chaotic holidays, and CBD oil products can help you get that precious slumber you need. We need to stay healthy to weather the winter months that bring all kinds of blustery storms one day and dry winter air the next. It affects our skin, our mood, and our overall health.

People are struggling this holiday more than ever with added stressors and a lack of quality sleep, which takes a measurable toll on our bodies and our spirits.

The Holidays Can Sap Your Sleep

With all of the added excitement, shiny baubles and tinkling trinkets, blustery days of shopping- until-you-dropping, it’s no wonder your eyes refuse to close at night. Winter can bring you and your family an unwanted Christmas Grinch-like illness or terrible weather, making the holidays not only busy but scary, stressful, and even lonely if you miss out on holiday festivities.

Though the holidays can be merry and bright for you and your loved ones, even merriment is extra stress for your body to manage. There are lots to do! Bring on the lists! Before you know it, sleep starts feeling like it might be a waste of time.

All of the holiday spirits in the world cannot override a sleep deficit. Yes, do all the things to make your holiday super-special, but also plan for the sleep your body needs to function at its best. You certainly don’t want holiday bags – under your eyes!

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Newsflash: Your Body Needs Sleep

Of course, your body tells you this regularly – need more sleep now, please! But did you know that there are certain body processes that rev up during your sleeping hours, keeping your body fit, repairing your muscles, and helping you to ward off those winter “bugs”? Without sleep, you’ll get run down and possibly even get sick.

Sleep is crucial to our body’s ability to fight off disease, rest, and repair. It resets our bodies for the next whirlwind of activities. Sleep (good sleep) is necessary to keep your body strong. In these uncertain times, we must be proactive with our health and nurture our bodies with restful sleep.

A good sign that you are not getting the sleep you need is that you do not wake up feeling well-rested. You may remember having difficulty falling asleep, sour dreams, tossing and turning, or waking throughout the night. Recently I have been waking in the night and adding things to my to-do list, checking my email, and then going back to sleep. Sleep-working. How about that for a body shouting, “We are under duress! We need better sleep!”

Why It’s Hard to Sleep When You’re So Tired

There are so many extra activities during the holidays that keep your body and mind busy. It may be hard at night to wind down from your busy day or to stop checking your naughty list and mentally swimming in wrapping paper, bows, and ornaments. There’s extra cleaning to do, recipes to prepare, and an influx of added expenses to consider. Even when your body is aching for sleep, your mind is a powerful thing.

The American Psychological Association (APA) reminds us of the Stress-Sleep Cycle, which works to our detriment when we don’t get the sleep we need. When stress goes up, we get less sleep. When we get less sleep, stress goes up. It is best not to get sucked into this ongoing cycle and spoil both our health and our holiday spirit.

We do this by making sleep a priority and taking all the measures we can to get good, restful sleep.

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Improve Sleep by Reducing Your Holiday Stress

  • Plan ahead. Procrastination will only add more stress and keep you up at night. Tackle that shopping list early!
  • Avoid the crowds and do your shopping online.
  • Don’t slack on your exercise. Even a short walk each day can help to clear the jingle bells going off in your head, keep stress in check, and help your body to regulate a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Avoid unhealthy coping such as overeating and overindulgence in alcohol.
  • Follow a set bedtime—even when you have a ton of things to do. Pick a time to call it quits for the day and begin a relaxing nightly routine. Relaxed preparation for bed can help you fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.
  • Say no! Taking on too many things will work you into a holiday frenzy. Keep it simple, and your holidays will go more smoothly.
  • Decorate your home with holiday things that bring you joy. Play some holiday music you love and set aside some downtime for your favorite holiday films.
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Supplements like Melatonin and CBD Oil for Sleep

As CBD and sleep research is ongoing and increasing, CBD shows great promise as an aid to relaxation. While it isn’t a sedative, what CBD does for the body overall helps us to get better sleep. Cannabinoids like CBD work on our body’s endocannabinoid receptors and send signals to our brain to help regulate physiological functions such as sleep.

Perhaps you are already taking a CBD tincture or CBD Gummies for mood or to help you sleep better, but did you know you can add a melatonin-infused CBD oil to your nightly regimen? The one by cbdMD is the CBD PM, winner of the 2020 Product of the Year Award in the CBD Sleep Aid category, a super-impressive testimony to its quality and efficacy. For you, it just means a better night’s sleep and a more relaxed holiday season.

Here is a beneficial guide that breaks down, product by product, the various CBD oil options you have to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Other Helpful Sleep Tips

While we can bottle, package, and deliver the best CBD for sleep, there’s one thing we cannot do for you. You must be the one to prioritize your own sleep and give yourself the gift of good sleep. Work some melatonin and CBD into your nightly routine, unplug from your day, and make getting a good night’s sleep a top priority this holiday season.


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