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Does CBD Oil Go Bad?

Like all great plant-derived products, CBD oil does expire. The shelf life of most CBD products is one to two years when properly stored.

One of our most frequently asked questions pertains to CBD oil expiration dates – more specifically, does CBD oil expire?.

Like all great botanical products – yes, CBD oil does expire.

The shelf life of most CBD products is between one and two years when stored correctly in a cool, dry place away from constant light.

When it comes to determining a product’s durability or shelf life, there are a few things manufacturers and consumers need to consider:


  • CBD oil shelf life: what you can expect
  • Does hemp oil expire more slowly if kept cold?
  • Does CBD oil go bad once opened?
  • How long does open hemp oil last?
  • Where is the CBD oil expiration date?
  • Check for a certificate of analysis


CBD Oil Shelf Life: What You Can Expect

One thing that milk, eggs, and CBD oil have in common is that they all have expiration dates. Nothing can last forever, especially when it’s made with ingredients drawn from living things. There are several factors that affect CBD oil shelf life, but the main three are:


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  • Quality of the ingredients
  • The durability of the packaging
  • How you store it


As you can probably expect, higher-quality ingredients last longer than those with low costs. Each ingredient included in a product has its own shelf life, meaning that CBD oil only lasts as long as its oldest ingredient.

Fun Fact: At cbdMD, we don’t just package our CBD oil tinctures in amber glass bottles because it looks great. In reality, CBD oil shelf life increases when stored in dark, airtight containers. The dark-colored glass actually protects CBD oil from sunlight. Heat and light are two of the biggest elements that accelerate the degradation of CBD.

But how long does CBD oil last, and how can you tell if it’s expired?

Does CBD Oil Expire More Slowly If Kept in the Fridge?

Not really.

Despite the warnings to keep your CBD oil away from heat and constant sources of light, the optimal temperature to store your CBD oil at is 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While refrigerating your CBD products won’t harm them, it’s unnecessary and won’t increase the CBD oil shelf life.

That said, there is some preliminary research stating that CBD itself, when not suspended in a carrier oil, may actually be more stable in cooler temperatures. A study published in February 2021 said solid powder CBD remained relatively intact under various conditions for one year.

Just remember that if you choose to refrigerate your CBD oil, the viscosity will generally be thicker and murkier until you allow it to rise to room temperature. If it doesn't thin and remains cloudy once it has warmed to room temperature, it may have reached the CBD oil expiration date.

Does CBD Oil Go Bad Once Open?

If an opened bottle of CBD oil and an unopened bottle of CBD were both stored under appropriate conditions, they would expire at about the same time. That said, you can keep your CBD as fresh as possible by only opening the bottle as needed and storing it in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Make sure you completely close the bottle to keep it airtight and opt to store it in a cupboard, cabinet, or drawer. Whether you use CBD oil every day or now and then, the CBD oil shelf life should offer you more than enough time to finish your CBD oil tincture, CBD gummies, or other CBD product.

So does CBD oil go bad? As we stated above – like any other quality product, CBD oil will eventually expire (opened or not). However, thanks to our personal-sized bottles, the chances of you reaching your CBD oil expiration date are very slim.


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How Long Does Opened Hemp Oil Last?

Quality CBD oil should last anywhere from one to two years. Of course, that depends on how well it’s stored and the nature of the ingredients.

If you’re worried about finishing your CBD product within that two-year limit, we’ve made sure to offer almost all of our products in either 30- or 60-serving containers. We want you to get the most out of our CBD oil without any waste, so you will have more than enough time to order more CBD oil before your current CBD oil expiration date.

Where Is the CBD Oil Expiration Date?

If a CBD oil product’s expiration date is not listed clearly on the bottle, that’s a huge red flag (besides the fact that the FDA requires it for consumer protection). At cbdMD, our CBD oil expiration dates are listed clearly underneath the bar code on our tincture droppers and the bottom of our CBD gummy bottles.

That said, accurate expiration dates are still an educated guess. So if the label falls off, or you don’t know if you can trust the CBD oil expiration date listed on the bottle, there are a few physical indicators you can check to see if your CBD oil has gone bad.


  • The smell test: Depending on the formula, quality, fresh CBD oil should smell earthy or have no discernible odor, not skunky or rancid.
  • The taste test: CBD oil should generally taste like the flavor listed on the label, whether that’s citrus, mint, berry, or unflavored (in which case it tastes like the carrier oil). It shouldn’t taste old or “off.”
  • Is it oily or tacky? CBD oil should feel as it sounds: oily. If your CBD oil is at room temperature and it still looks cloudy, thick, or murky – you might want to throw it out.


It’s important to note that cannabinoids can degrade over time. As a result, expired CBD oils lose their potency, and their beneficial effects are reduced, such as promoting relaxation and a sense of calm. Additionally, spoilage of other ingredients is a concern for expired products. Make sure to toss any CBD products that haven’t been stored properly or are past the CBD oil expiration date listed on the product.

Check for a Certificate of Analysis

One of the best ways to tell if a CBD company is reputable, and thereby check the quality of the CBD oil shelf life, is whether or not they offer a Certificate of Analysis. Not to mention whether they make it readily available and easy to find on their website.

At cbdMD, our CBD oil products are sent to an independent, third-party, ISO-certified lab to ensure that our products are trusted, pure, and powerful. We operate under the highest standards so that you know what you’re getting without worrying about hidden or unmeasured ingredients.

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