How a CBD Tincture Can Help You Find Your Center

How a CBD Tincture Can Help You Find Your Center

Discover how you can add CBD to your meditation routine to better help find your center.

Finding your center is a phrase often used amongst Yogis and people who use meditation practices to enrich their lives or to manage daily stress. In recent years, CBD tinctures are growing in popularity among these same groups as a way to enhance meditation practices and find a greater sense of calm. You may find that the addition of CBD tinctures to your regular meditation routine helps you to more fully meditate and find your center.

Daily life can get pretty stressful. Sometimes it can help to step away and recharge, and many find that meditation is a great way to do this. Meditation helps to fight off stress and get your mind, energy, and spirit back to where you need to be. It teaches you how to block out the distractions and gives you a few minutes each day to refocus your mind.

Most people report feeling more relaxed and calm after a meditation session. But for others, meditation alone isn’t enough or is difficult for them to perform. Whether you are an expert at meditation and have been practicing for years, or if you are a novice and curious about the practice, you may find that CBD oil tinctures are becoming more and more a part of the conversation.

CBD tinctures can help you with your meditation. By promoting a sense of calm and relaxation over your body, CBD tinctures are the perfect companion to a regular meditation practice. Because many of the goals of meditation are also in line with the benefits of using CBD tincture oils, many now use both for their daily routines.

In this article, we’ll discuss how meditation can be aided with CBD tinctures, why you should incorporate this power duo for daily stress management, and how to use CBD tinctures in combination with a daily meditation practice.

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Stress Management Just Got More Zen: Meditation and CBD Oil Tinctures

There are many ways to manage daily stress. You can spend some time in nature, write in a journal, or try various self-care methods such as a nice, long soak in a warm bath.

But meditation is a method dating back over 5000 years as a formidable stress-buster. Getting back to your “center” is as easy as a daily routine of meditation, maybe a little soothing music, and the “work” of calming your mind. Once you learn how to do it, it can become a valuable (and enjoyable) part of your day.

It’s not as simple as just sitting still for 10 minutes and closing your eyes. Meditation is a technique as much as it is a practice. For beginners, you should probably try guided meditation, which will help you learn how to meditate. As you become more familiar with the practice, you can try non-guided meditations, which are meditation sessions you do on your own.

Meditation and Stress Management

Meditation is a deliberate practice that helps your mind to find a sense of tranquility and deep relaxation. When practiced regularly, meditation can have benefits to your physical and mental health, making it a popular stress management option.

As you face the normal stresses of your day, or run into particularly stressful events or situations, having this technique in your wheelhouse gives you power over how you handle these stressful situations. You can take even 5 short minutes to refocus your energies and find a more positive headspace. Here's a quick overview of guided and non-guided meditation.

Guided Meditation

One easy way to begin learning about meditation, manage stress, or to wind down in the evening is to practice what is called guided meditation. Guided meditation will pull your brain away from everything around you and just have you focus on your breathing and carefully selected imagery.

You might visualize something great happening to you or an accomplishment that you have already achieved to push you to grow. There is usually a little soft music or nature sounds and the soothing voice of a guide who talks you through the steps of your meditation session. These sessions can have a particular focus as well: de-stress, calm the mind, or get ready for bed.

One place where stress can accumulate as tension is in your face. During certain guided meditations, they will ask you to release the muscles in your face to relax fully. It can be eye-opening to feel the wave of release on your face. Various muscle groups are often referenced during guided meditations.

While guided meditation is done by both newcomers to meditation and those who are experienced, it especially helps those who are new to meditation to follow along with a clearly laid-out plan to find what will work for them.

Non-Guided Meditation

Where guided meditation gives you a definite path to follow, non-guided meditation gives you full control over your meditative experience. This method can feel overwhelming at first, but it gets easier with practice.

Non-guided meditation allows you to focus on your own methods and goals. Perhaps you have the most trouble winding down for sleep but aren’t necessarily feeling stressed. A guided meditation may focus you on stress and release when you really want to focus on finding a pleasant visual experience to lull your body into a dreamy state. Non-guided meditations allow you to guide yourself as you see fit, so you can work on things that are of particular concern to you.

With both types of meditation, there will be days when turning your brain off and focusing on your breathing and relaxation will be difficult. It doesn’t mean that you are terrible at meditation or that you should give up, though many become discouraged and quit when this happens. The mind and body are both powerful things and can interfere with your meditation practice. Before quitting meditation altogether, try adding in a CBD tincture to your daily regimen. A CBD tincture can help by supporting a sense of calm and relaxation from the inside out.

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CBD Tincture Oil Provides an Added Bonus

Combining the benefits of CBD tincture oils to your meditation practices can help bring an even greater sense of calm than by using meditation practices alone. This allows you the best plan of action from within your body and within your mind as a partnership for your health and wellness.

Wellness begins within – which is why CBD tinctures have so much to offer those who seek all of the health and wellness benefits from a meditation routine.

CBD May Also Allow More Productive Meditation Practices

Whatever is on your mind or working to distract your body can interfere with your meditation sessions. But, that’s when you also need meditation the most. So how can you get into your meditation when it’s become more challenging to do? You need to meditate and find your center, find your inner peace, but you are so wound up from the day that you get distracted every time you sit down to start.

Because CBD’s many benefits include promoting a sense of calm and relaxation, this can help provide fertile ground for more successful meditation sessions. For managing all of your daily stresses, and for recentering in the midst of a busy and demanding schedule, a combination of CBD tinctures and meditation could be a game-changer for you.

For those who practice meditation successfully and regularly, they may also experience great benefit from using CBD tincture oils every day. The deeper meditative experience may elevate daily practice and help practitioners find an even greater joy in their meditative journey.

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CBD Tinctures and How They Work

CBD tinctures can be useful in a few different ways. Loaded with all the benefits of CBD, tinctures can help you relax when you just can’t seem to sit down and focus on your meditation. By promoting a sense of calm and helping with relaxation, CBD can really add to your daily stress-fighting routine.

Combining CBD Tincture Benefits with Meditation: A Power Duo

Meditation is really all about empowering yourself over a busy mind. We think that CBD oil and meditation are the new power couple in health and wellness – and that you can benefit from the dual action of benefits by using them both regularly.

To help you understand just how CBD oil tinctures and meditation work together, let’s cover a bit about CBD oil tinctures and how they function. It’s a little easier, then, to understand why they make the perfect meditation partners: a power duo for your daily wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

What is a CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture is a fancy name, but it really is just a carrier oil with Superior Broad Spectrum CBD, which comes in a little bottle with a dropper for ease of use. It works with the CBD receptors in your body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS).

A CBD tincture provides one of the fastest-acting ways to take CBD. You take a little bit, measured by drops, twice daily, usually at around the same times. (More on how to take your CBD tinctures below.) CBD oil is also available in other forms like gummies, but the tinctures are the most widely used methods of daily consumption of CBD.

How Can a CBD Tincture Aid in Meditation Practices?

CBD tinctures can be useful in a few different ways. Loaded with all the benefits of CBD, tinctures can support a sense of calm and relaxation, improve mood, and even relieve minor discomforts. Consider it “setting the stage” for your meditative practices to run more smoothly and for you to achieve greater results from your meditation sessions.

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Creating a CBD Tincture + Meditation Daily Routine

Now that we have a better understanding of how meditation and CBD oil tinctures work together to deliver some pretty great benefits, let’s talk about the practical side: how to set up a meditative practice with the support of CBD tinctures.

Regular CBD Tincture Oil Regimen

Each day, morning and night, you’ll take a serving of CBD tincture. You can do this most effectively by taking it sublingually. Just place the desired amount under your tongue, hold it there for 30 seconds, and then swallow. This method will get the CBD into your system quickly, and you should feel the effects in about 30 minutes. Doing this each day will help bring a sense of relaxation and calm that can help you sit down, focus on your breathing, and release the tension in your muscles during meditation.

You can also incorporate tinctures into your food and drinks to get the benefits, but it just takes a little longer to reach your bloodstream. It will take between one and two hours to feel the CBD tincture effects, but you won’t have to hold the oil under your tongue. If you’re unsure where to start, you can easily find a CBD tincture recipe online to suit you.

There are multiple strengths of tinctures as well, so as you start to add them into your daily routine you can work your way to stronger concentrations of CBD and see how they will work for you.

For optimal results, take the same amount of CBD tincture each time, twice a day, and wait about a month at this serving size before making any adjustments. This allows the CBD to be more consistent in your system and gives you time to adequately assess how well you are responding at that serving size before making any changes.

Continue Your Meditation Schedule and Note How the CBD Helps

Continue with your daily meditative practices while the CBD tincture begins to work in your system. It may take some time before you begin to notice the changes to your body or mood, but continue as you would with your regular meditation sessions. As the CBD begins to enhance your state of calm, you may note deeper meditative experiences and greater benefits from your meditation.

For an extra boost, CBD gummies prior to your meditative practices may help during those times when you are having a hard time focusing on your meditation and relaxing.

Adjust Your CBD Amounts, If Necessary

As your body adapts to your new routine, you may find it necessary to adjust the amount of CBD tincture drops you are taking. Make small adjustments (like adding a few extra drops if you feel you need more) and give a few more weeks at this new amount to see how it is helping. Again, continue with your daily meditation practices and allow this new level of CBD tincture to work in your system.

It takes some time to find the right combination of daily CBD tincture amounts along with the timing of your meditation sessions to find what works best for you.

Continue Your Meditative Practices and Enjoy the Journey

Once you find that sweet spot, the perfect amount of CBD oil tinctures that works best for you, partnered with your meditation sessions, enjoy the journey. This combination will give you the inner calm you need to further explore meditation and how it can transform your life. While meditation helps you to find your center and a rewarding state of calm, a CBD tincture can help you to stay that way more consistently.