Using CBD Oil for Senior Dogs and Cats: Can It Really Help?

Using CBD Oil for Senior Dogs and Cats: Can It Really Help?

Discover a helpful guide for choosing the best CBD oil products for senior dogs and cats as part of an overall plan for your pet’s comfort and wellness in their later years.

The latest buzz from pet owners is how much CBD oil products are putting the pep back in the step of their pets, especially CBD oil for senior dogs and cats. If you live with older pets, you know the worry over their comfort as they age and you just want them to have the best life they can in their later years.

Senior dogs and senior cats have one very special thing in common – you! While they may have different approaches to expressing their love for their humans, dogs and cats both have a life centered around you and around finding ways to remain comfortable. As they get older, you may notice a slower step, a slower rise, and maybe a little dimmer light in their eyes.

Senior dogs and cats have a greater need for a compassionate and focused wellness plan to help them live their best lives. That’s where CBD for senior dogs (and cats) can help boost their daily routine. And don’t they deserve it after all their years of providing love and support to you? This is their time to relax and enjoy their space with a little less pressure to entertain us.

And it’s hard for them to do those things when they are dealing with everyday aches and discomfort. CBD for pets can be the very thing that makes all the difference during their glory days in the sun.

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Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs and Cats?

In short, yes! CBD oil products are a great wellness option for your cats and dogs. You can rest assured the quality, wholesome ingredients are safe for your beloved senior pets. If you’d like to read more about CBD oil safety for dogs and cats, we covered this topic more in our recent article “CBD for Dogs: Is CBD Safe for Dogs?” which will help to put your mind at ease.

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How Can CBD Oil Help My Senior Dog or Cat?

Though fairly new to the pet industry, the benefits of CBD for dogs and cats are often celebrated by pet parents. When using CBD oil for senior dogs and cats, it’s best to start daily with the suggested serving size for at least 30 days. This is because the benefits of CBD are compounding and can increase over time while their body adjusts to the daily routine.

While the research surrounding CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats is ongoing, there are plenty of applications. When using CBD oil for senior dogs, several CBD products may be able to provide some forms of support for everyday health and wellness.

Although your pet can’t tell you they’re feeling better, you can observe their behavior and draw your own conclusions. They may be more apt to want to play with you. They may move around more or eat and drink more freely without your coaxing. They may climb up on their favorite chair when they haven’t done that in a long time. While the effects of CBD oil for senior dogs and cats may vary, you can tell they are enjoying a newfound sense of wellness by their activity level, by the brightness in their eyes, and by their ability to simply enjoy everyday activities more.

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Use a Trusted Source for CBD

CBD products work for dogs and cats very much in the same way as they work for humans, as we both have an endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This bodily system allows CBD to interact with a variety of receptors, resulting in the full-body wellness mentioned earlier.

The Paw CBD brand was created by industry leaders cbdMD, a company that prides itself in innovative standards from sourcing to production. You can trust cbdMD to give this same attention and commitment to providing the finest CBD products for your pets as well.

If you would like to read about how this works, cbdMD has it all explained in an easy-to-understand article, “What is the Endocannabinoid System? An Introduction to the ECS.” This is a great place to start once you have decided to try using CBD oil for senior dogs and cats alike.

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CBD Oil for Senior Dogs and Cats: Which Products Are Right for Them?

There are a lot of different CBD options for your older furbabies, which offer simple ways to provide the beneficial effects of CBD oil. There are tinctures, treats, and chews, and also topical solutions that you can use for your furry friends.

To begin any daily CBD regimen for your pets, you should read all of the packaging and instructions on the product as well as have a talk with your veterinarian. You can start with the recommended serving size and adjust as needed over time once you see how they respond.

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Pet CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures can be added to your pets’ food, water, a spoon of peanut butter, a homebaked pet treat recipe, or simply given orally if your furry family members are particularly cooperative. Senior dogs and cats can be a bit picky in their favorite foods and flavors, so think about which flavors of CBD tinctures could be the most tasty for your pet. There’s also a valerian root and chamomile-infused Paw CBD Calming oil tincture for older dogs that may need a little extra soothing comfort and care.

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CBD Treats for Pets

Some senior dogs and senior cats prefer a tasty treat to get in their daily serving. They won’t even know it’s part of their wellness plan – only that it’s super yummy! There are CBD treats for your pooches, CBD soft chew treats for senior dogs who may need something easier on the teeth, and chicken and catnip flavored CBD soft chews your senior cats will purr over. Chew treats are great for on-the-go serving and for pets who have difficulty travelling. Paw CBD even has a scrumptious CBD peanut butter to temp your pooches with a flavor they can’t resist. Paw CBD makes it easy to spoil your older dogs and cats all while helping their overall wellness and comfort.

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CBD Pet Balm for Dogs

For senior pets with sensitive skin or uncomfortable dryness, use the CBD Pet Balm for dogs. Your senior dogs will love the lavish attention of a comforting rub down as you apply the balm in soothing strokes. Their dry noses and paw pads (and their smile) will thank you!

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Choosing the Right CBD for Your Pet Should Be Easy

Paw CBD takes the worry and fuss out of choosing the right CBD oil for your senior dogs and cats and just makes great CBD products for your pets. You can get back to the joys of pet parenting knowing you are doing your very best to give them the very best!

For even more help choosing the right CBD oil product for your pet, checkout one of our blogs featured here. And for even more great tips and pet-friendly resources, checkout our blog for weekly updates!