CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs For Sale

  1. Resist CBD Bath Bombs 100mg
    CBD Bath Bomb Resist
    Lavender - 100 mg
  2. Rise CBD Bath Bomb Eucalyptus 100mg
    CBD Bath Bomb Rise
    Eucalyptus - 100 mg
  3. Rejuvenate CBD Bath Bombs 100mg
    CBD Bath Bomb Rejuvenate
    Eucalyptus - 100 mg
  4. Romance CBD Bath Bombs 100mg
    CBD Bath Bomb Romance
    Frankincense - 100 mg
  5. Restore CBD Bath Bombs 100mg
    CBD Bath Bomb Restore
    Blend - 100 mg
  6. Relax CBD Bath Bombs 100mg
    CBD Bath Bomb Relax
    Lavender - 100 mg

CBD Bath Bomb Multi-pack for Sale

  1. CBD Bath Bomb Multi-pack 100mg Stack
    CBD Bath Bomb

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CBD Bath Bombs

cbdMD provides an all-new, refreshing way to revitalize and relax in the tub. Our signature collection of CBD bath bombs comes loaded with 100 mg of CBD in each one and an array of different scents to choose from: lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, and blend. Each CBD bath bomb for sale is produced with coloring that won’t leave any unwanted stains. With superior CBD bath bombs from cbdMD, rethink bath time.

Our CBD bath bombs provide support in a relaxing application. Enjoy a warm soak in a rejuvenating combination of CBD, essential oils, Epsom salt, and aromatic fragrances. Browse our collection and take your bath time to the next level with our relaxing THC-free* bath bombs.

Properties of CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs provide natural relief in a relaxing application. In contrast to other products, bath bombs will enable you to soak your entire body in a rejuvenating combination of CBD, essential oils, Epsom salt, and natural aromatic fragrances.

CBD Bath Bomb Application

With CBD bath bombs, it’s simple: fill your tub with water, drop in your bath bomb, sit, soak, and enjoy real relaxation!

CBD Bath Bombs FAQs

What do CBD bath bombs do?

CBD bath bombs enhance a relaxing soak in the tub with CBD, scented essential oils, and Epsom salt. People who live an active lifestyle find them especially helpful after a tough workout.

How much CBD is in a bath bomb?

Each of our CBD bath bombs for sale contains 100 mg of CBD.

How long does it take for a CBD bath bomb to work?

Individual responses to CBD vary, but most find it more effective with regular use, as CBD can accumulate in the body over time. Many people feel immediate support, especially since soaking in hot water can itself be helpful for soreness and discomfort.

Will CBD bath bombs show up on a drug test?

No. Since our CBD is THC-free* and you aren’t taking it internally, using CBD bath bombs will not result in a failed drug test.

Can you get high off CBD bath bombs?

No. Our THC-free* CBD bath bombs for sale are strictly non-intoxicating.

How long should you soak in a CBD bath bomb?

We recommend taking at least 30 minutes to experience the full effects of CBD bath bombs. Maintaining regular use for at least 30 days will assist with best results.

How many milligrams of CBD oil are in bath bombs?

Our CBD bath bombs for sale contain 100 mg of CBD each.

How many uses do you get in a CBD bath bomb?

One use; each CBD bath bomb dissolves completely when you put it in hot water.