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What is NSF Certified for Sport?

Trusted by athletes and coaches alike, the NSF Certified for Sport program rigorously tests supplements under its review to ensure that they contain exactly what’s on the label – and no unsafe levels of contaminants or banned substances such as THC. NSF also inspects the facilities where the products are made to ensure that they meet NSF’s standards of quality and safety. So choosing NSF certified supplements eliminates the risk that you’ll get a product that’s ineffective or contains unwanted ingredients.

What is NSF certified?

NSF International is an independent non-governmental organization that has worked for more than 75 years to develop health and safety standards for food, water systems, and health products such as dietary supplements. It started back in the 1940s in the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health as the National Sanitation Foundation, but expanded into other industries in more than 150 countries.

NSF International certifies products that have met its standards for quality and manufacturing practices with the NSF mark. There are different types of certifications for different products, such as the Certified for Sport mark for dietary supplements.

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