CBD Products

Buy CBD online from our collection of high quality CBD products for sale – including CBD oil tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and CBD for sleep in a variety of options. Our cannabidiol products deliver superior hemp extracts with consistent quality.

Why Choose Our CBD Products?

At cbdMD, we pride ourselves on providing you with the absolute best. That means all our CBD products for sale are made with only the highest-quality, THC free* CBD sourced from USA hemp. We are involved in every step of the process, from seed to self, which is how we know our CBD products are superior. Whether it’s our CBD oil tinctures or our delicious CBD gummies, you can always trust cbdMD to offer nothing but the best.

CBD Products

With so many different delivery methods, your optimum CBD use will vary with the types of products you’re applying as well as your unique physiology. Always check the guidelines on individual products and consult with your physician to determine the best regimen.

What Makes cbdMD CBD Products Different?

Not all CBD oil products are the same! We know you have a wide variety of CBD products to choose from, but we’re the only ones offering our proprietary Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula.

We start with non-GMO hemp grown only in the U.S., ensuring that it has no more than 0.3% THC. Then we extract pure CBD and blend it with a carefully selected and measured suite of terpenes and additional cannabinoids (CBG and CBN) – all while ensuring all products are THC-free.*

Superior Broad Spectrum CBD oil provides the perfect balance between the benefits of full spectrum and the safety of CBD isolate.

And to make sure that every batch meets our standards, we send it to a third-party ISO-certified lab and make our results publicly available.

What CBD Product is Right for Me?

With such a wide range of CBD oil products to choose from, how do you know where to start? The main consideration is why you’re taking it:

For everyday wellness

For daily use to support general wellness, a CBD oil tincture or CBD oil capsule is ideal. Try taking one serving each morning and evening for at least 30 days. Since CBD accumulates in your body over time, this can provide a foundation for adding other CBD oil products for more specific purposes.

For food and drinks

CBD oil tinctures are also the best if you’re thinking about cooking with CBD. Our natural flavor can replace the oil or butter in almost any recipe, while the orange, berry, and mint flavors can also fill in for juices and extracts. Check out our blog for CBD recipes!

For sleep

For better sleep, CBD PM provides an award-winning blend of melatonin and soothing herbs. Choose from two CBD for sleep product types:

  • Tinctures: fast-acting, vegan, mint-flavored
  • Softgel capsules: no-spill, quick to take, unflavored, available in two strengths

For pain

For temporary relief of everyday aches and pains, we’ve got four CBD topicals that combine proven ingredients with CBD for pain:

  • Freeze: a non-greasy gel with menthol for instant cooling temporary relief in roll-on or squeeze tube applicators.
  • Recover: a rich moisturizing cream with histamine dihydrochloride creating a warming sensation and increased blood flow.

As a reward

CBD gummies provide a great way to reward yourself when you need a little extra CBD boost to get through the day. They’re also great for traveling and sharing with family and friends!

What CBD Oil Product Is Right For My Pet?

First, choose from products based on species: CBD For Dogs or CBD for Cats.

As a treat

CBD chews can provide a tasty supplement to a tincture, or a substitute if your pet doesn't enjoy the CBD oil tinctures:

  • CBD hard chews: available in three flavors, are good for dogs who like it crunchy.
  • CBD soft chews: for both dogs and cats are easier on the teeth.

For common issues

Two kinds of chews include added ingredients for extra comfort:

  • CBD Hip + Joint Chews provide glucosamine and fatty acids to support dogs' overall health and wellness.
  • CBD Kidney Support Chews include herbal extracts like licorice root, astragalus root, and nettle leaf extract to help protect cats who are vulnerable to kidney problems.

For calm

Our calming CBD products are good for dogs who are the nervous nellies of the family:

  • CBD Calming tinctures: include melatonin and soothing herbs (like chamomile passion, valerian root, and more) in a delicious blueberry flavor.
  • CBD Calming chews include L-tryptophan, chamomile, and passion flower in a tasty turkey-flavored hard chew.


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