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Meet Our Experts

Dr. Lucille Vega |

MD, Medical Advisor

Highly experienced board-certified physician with a strong passion for cannabinoid-based healthy solutions

23 Years of practice in Family Medicine & 7 of a Cannabinoid Medical Approach

Dr. Lucille Vega is a highly experienced board-certified physician with a strong passion for cannabinoid medicine and its potential in improving patients' lives. She received her MD from Dartmouth, completed a residency at Brown University, and has 23 years of practice in Family Medicine. Dr. Vega is the physician/owner of Vega Direct Medical Family Practice, and has dedicated the past 7 years to incorporating Cannabinoid Medicine into her medical approach.

Our Research Focus

We don't just sell hemp-derived wellness products.
We work with experts and support clinical studies to prove safety and efficacy.

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Our formulations are backed by rigorous research, ensuring effectiveness and safety for all.

Clinical Research & University Collaboration

Partnering with universities for clinical studies ensures credibility and trust in our products.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We maintain strict quality standards through comprehensive testing protocols, guaranteeing purity and potency


Transparency is our policy - from seed to shelf, every step is disclosed and documented.

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Stay ahead with our innovative approaches, constantly pushing boundaries for superior solutions.

Consumer & Education Empowerment

We empower consumers through education, providing knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.

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