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At cbdMD, we believe that trust is the cornerstone of any successful wellness journey. That's why we've partnered with leading experts in the health and wellness field to ensure that our customers receive accurate and up-to-date information.

We've dedicated our time and resources to seek out the best and most trusted professionals, because we know that when it comes to your well-being, nothing less than the best will do. Our collaboration with recognized and well-respected experts allows us to provide you with the highest quality products backed by scientific knowledge and expertise.

Meet Dr. Lucille Vega, MD, Medical Advisor

Dr. Lucille Vega, MD

Dr. Lucille Vega is a highly experienced board-certified physician with a strong passion for cannabinoid medicine and its potential for improving patients' lives. With 23 years of practice in Family Medicine, Dr. Vega has dedicated the past 7 years to incorporating Cannabinoid Medicine into her medical approach. Her journey into the cannabinoid medicine field began when a patient shared a remarkable story of overcoming decades of prescription drugs with the help of cannabinoids. Inspired by this transformative experience, Dr. Vega decided to explore the benefits of cannabinoids further and attended the Cannabis Career Institute, where she discovered her focus on CBD.

Dr. Vega completed her Medical Doctorate at Dartmouth Medical School ('97), now known as the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. She then furthered her medical training as a Family Medicine Resident at Brown University. In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Vega is a member of esteemed organizations such as the Everyday Medicinals Medical Marijuana Clinic, where she serves as the Medical Director and contributes her expertise to support and guide patients seeking cannabinoid-based treatments. She also holds the position of Medical Director at Lifetime Medical. Moreover, Dr. Vega serves as the physician/owner of Vega Direct Medical Family Practice, where she provides comprehensive medical care.

Driven by a desire to be part of the solution to the opioid crisis, Dr. Vega conducted a trial focusing on CBD's effects on various conditions such as joint/back pain, sleep disorders, migraines, anxiety, and abdominal pain/issues. The compelling results from this trial led Dr. Vega to share her findings with the FDA, aiming to contribute to the medical community's understanding of cannabinoid medicine. Her heartfelt plea to be a physician who offers diverse options beyond traditional prescriptions in these challenging times resonates with her patients and colleagues alike.

With a deep-rooted commitment to helping patients on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, Dr. Vega provides alternative paths to health and well-being. Her expertise, combined with her genuine care for patients, leaves Dr. Vega as a respected figure in the field of cannabinoid medicine.

Meet Dr. Sybil Swift, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer & VP Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Sybil Swift, Ph.D.

Sibyl Swift, Ph.D., is the Chief Science Officer & VP Regulatory Affairs for cbdMD and the co-chair of cbdMD Therapeutics. She also serves as a Member of the Board of Directors for cbdMD. As CSO for cbdMD, she directs the company’s research partnerships, clinical trials, advises on regulatory matters, guides new product development and R&D, and provides guidance on good manufacturing practices. Prior to joining cbdMD, Dr. Swift was the Senior Vice President for Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at the Natural Products Association (NPA). In that role, Dr. Swift was responsible for the development and implementation of the association’s education, regulatory, and compliance programs and effort, such as the Supplement Safety and Compliance Initiative (SSCI), the NPA Natural Standard, and others. She represented the association on Codex Alimentarius (an international standards organization) and provided guidance on claims reviews, substantiation, and regulatory policy.

Before joining NPA, Dr. Swift was the Associate Director for Research and Strategy within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Office of Dietary Supplement Programs. As Associate Director, Dr. Swift directed the office’s research portfolio and was responsible for ensuring alignment between its science, research, compliance, enforcement, and policy initiatives. Dr. Swift was also the co-chair of the Botanical Safety Consortium, a collaboration between scientists from government agencies, academia, and industry. Dr. Swift earned her Ph.D. in nutrition and M.S. in exercise physiology at Texas A&M University. She is currently a member of the American Society for Nutrition, the ComPLI committee with the Natural Products Association, and the Science and Regulatory Affairs Committee for the Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation.