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Christina M. Ward

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Author since November 11, 2020


Christina M. Ward is a native North Carolinian and a graduate of Catawba College, in Salisbury North Carolina. Christina earned, with honors, her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in writing. She completed her studies while a single, hard-working mom and a lot on her shoulders. She graduated right before the recession in 2008, leaving her scrambling to launch her new career in the environmental field.

In 2010, while she was traveling on the interstate to work, a dump truck changed everything. Blowing a tire, the truck smashed into the front of Christina’s car, forcing her into the cement barrier between north and southbound lanes. That cement wall saved her life. But the accident left her with chronic pain, neck issues, and the increasing inability to concentrate while working. Christina went from a gym rat, a healthy and fierce woman, to dealing with a body that could no longer keep up with her spirit.

But Christina is resilient. Southern woman’s grit embodied.

After she discovered CBD oil products, Christina has found hope and a renewed spirit. Her career also took a dramatic turn. That minor in writing she earned in college and her love for word-crafting, poetry, and self-expression has led her to a growing writing career. She’s authored one book to date and has several others in the workings. Her first poetry collection has made the Amazon best seller’s list in multiple categories. Her freelancing work is in high demand.

Her life, derailed by a dump truck, is finally on the right course.

Those “inabilities to concentrate” that made it so hard for her to work that desk job? They weren’t a problem to be solved, but her creativity and mindfulness getting in the way. Her gifts, rising to the surface, screaming to be heard and used.

Today, Christina works as a freelance writer, an author, a poet, and a writing mentor. She is a fierce advocate for spending time in nature as a crucial part of wellness living and our deepest source of sustainable happiness. She also advocates for the use of CBD oil, for the equal treatment of all people, for authenticity, and for kindness.

She believes that there is something beautiful to be found in every moment of every day, and sometimes, this breathes life into new poetry or gives her inspiration to share with others.


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