Devon Firestone

Content Writer

Author since March 24, 2021


Devon Firestone is an alternative health and wellness freelance writer living in Houston, TX. The daughter of a therapist, Devon earned a bachelor’s in Intelligence Studies and minors in Psychology and Political Science from Mercyhurst University in 2016. Right out of college, Devon dove into work in the corporate world in Pittsburgh, PA before moving into the private industry. Now a freelancer, Devon has worked as an analyst and written in multiple fields including finance, analytic papers, and creative writing.

Like many others, Devon has dealt with her fair share of everyday problems and complications – from work to life at home. These common concerns kickstarted her interest in all things health and wellness. With a background in writing, Devon is taking her knowledge and bringing it to the masses to try to help others combat these same stresses we all experience every day. In her spare time, Devon is a fiction writer, PC gamer, and houseplant enthusiast.


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