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Randall Goins

Senior Content Writer

Author since November 11, 2020


Randall Goins’ interest in the applications of CBD stems from numerous injuries sustained as a former professional wrestler and amateur athlete.

During his five years in pro wrestling, Randall collected a long list of championships and accolades. He also amassed a staggering list of injuries – ranging from endless sprains and strains to severe lacerations and multiple concussions.

He and many of his colleagues frequently mitigated the effects of injuries through self-medication – a common story in wrestling. CBD was virtually unknown at the time, and all hemp derivatives were still federally illegal. Randall left wrestling after a particularly frightening accident in the ring, and still wears a map of scars across his body earned during his time in the squared circle.

He first gained notoriety as a writer in the entertainment industry during the mid-2000s, and continued to work as a professional writer in the United States and Europe for the next 10 years. During this period, he competed in a variety of recreational sports. A broken ankle on the soccer pitch marked his first major competitive sports injury.

During a 2015 baseball game, his writing career was sidelined by a catastrophic fracture of his throwing arm and partial paralysis of his hand. After six months of rehabilitation, he regained most of his hand’s normal function, and returned to work and hobbies with a new outlook.

He only took opioid pain relievers for one week during the ordeal due to fears of addiction. For months, he simply lived in incredible discomfort.

Today, Randall lends his experience in sports and entertainment to cbdMD as a senior content writer. He specializes in informative articles about CBD for athletes and performers at every level.

He now lives a relatively pain-free life.

Randall is also a historical reenactor, musician, and avid traveler. Since 2004, he’s visited over 20 countries and dozens of cities throughout Europe, Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean.


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