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Tim Roberson

SEO Manager

Author since June 30, 2020


Tim is an experienced content writer, content strategist, and SEO specialist with more than a decade of experience helping companies craft and deliver their message across multiple marketing channels. He has worked with companies large and small to help them effectively reach their target audience, grow their market presence, and increase their revenue through purposeful content strategy.

His career began in earnest when he was asked to become the Senior Writer at a digital music magazine called, Play Music City. There he learned the value of journalistic writing and crafted a great number of stories surrounding the growing digital music industry. He was eventually asked to become the Editor-in-Chief, where he created a central theme for the magazine, focusing on music as a business. Through this, he learned the value of creating a common story thread for marketing that allows content to branch off into different topics, but continue to tell one unified tale.

Once Play Music City closed its doors for good, Tim moved on to creating content for multiple companies over the next several years. He has worked to craft content for custom software, AI-driven big data analytics, sales training, and a host of other topics. Throughout, he never forgot his journalistic roots and continued to craft unified stories that formed the central pillar of messaging for businesses that ranged from small start-ups to $50 million companies.

Over the last few years, his craft reached a new level at a company called Stratifyd, where he was solely responsible for the marketing message and produced every piece of written content for a 6 month period. This content helped increase lead generation by 650% and greatly improved revenue for both quarters.

Tim now brings a proven track record of asking the right questions and conducting topic research to deliver subject matter expertise to a new industry. At cbdMD, Tim works to produce well researched, accurate, and informative content that aligns with the restrictions of a heavily monitored industry. He continues to push his craft forward within this new challenge and provide the kind of industry content that educates consumers on the powerful properties of CBD.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Mississippi. Outside of work, you can find him raising a pint with his friends or at home playing video games with his lovely bride, surrounded by their four kitty cats.


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